Mailbox Has Filled 1 Million Reservations, Updated with ‘Shake to Undo’


Mailbox has announced as of today it has filled 1 million reservations, a huge milestone for the company, just six weeks after its launch. Earlier this month Orchestra said it was delivering 50 million emails per day, showing off signs of its phenomenal growth (read our review here).

Today, Mailbox has also updated its app to version 1.1.0, which includes ‘shake to undo’, some UI enhancements plus some bug fixes and performance optimizations.

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Last week, Mailbox announced it had been acquired by Dropbox, with some sources citing the latter paid upwards of $100 million for the fast growing company. Has your reservation been filled yet?


  • 244,950 still ahead of me, but the line appears to be moving much faster now =))

  • Nice! Maybe we should thank Dropbox.

  • tymanbrew

    The app is so good i switched to gmail πŸ˜€

  • reformcanada

    I finally have the mailbox app, after waiting close to a month on the waiting list only to find that it only takes Gmail accounts!! :O
    Are they going to be letting people use Outlook or Yahoo! accounts anytime soon? I don’t use gmail! πŸ™

  • Doesn’t look like it anytime soon. They have always stated it’s for Gmail only to start

  • Jason

    I find the app to be really good in prioritizing emails. It organizes your email for you. Dont have the time? you can snooze the email for a later time. I do find myself using IOS mail app once and a while. I have two gmail accounts linked and my signatures are different on both. Reserved early, got the app on launch and love it.

  • niker23

    Warning. Do not update!! App no longer opens on the new version. πŸ™