Meetup iOS Update Adds Option to Choose Google Maps for Directions


Apple Maps is still a sore spot for the company. The mixed reception to the mapping app resulted in CEO Tim Cook publicly apologizing along with the firing of iOS chief Scott Forstall and other iOS directors responsible for the snafu.

When Google Maps finally launched back in mid-December, it was a sigh of relief for iOS 6 users unhappy with Apple Maps. The app was well-designed by Google and came with turn-by-turn voice guided directions, a feature made long available for Android versions of Google Maps, and also the suspected reason why the latter was ditched by Apple.

It now appears developers have started to add options for Google Maps to be opened instead of Apple Maps, as seen in the latest update to the Meetup iOS app:

Photo 1

This is something I’d like to see being implemented more in iOS apps that require directions. A choice to open Google Maps directly instead of going to Apple Maps by default, or even Google Maps on the web first. The latter quickly replaced Apple Maps on my home screen and I haven’t touched it in a long time.

The Google Maps SDK for iOS was made available with the launch of the app, so expect further implementation for directions in the future.

Google Maps or Apple Maps? Tell us what you’re using in the comments.


  • Yea if I’m presented with this choice within an app, I’ll choose google maps pretty much every time. The only thing that really ticks me off with apple maps is getting “approximate location” results. But it happens often enough and google’s new app is just better.

  • wahgee

    Google Maps. I find that I try to find even trivial places in Vancouver a “chore” for Apple Maps. Sorry, Apple. However, I do like the GPS because it has that Tomtom flavor. Although, best GPS is the Navigon app. 🙂

  • wuju

    Apple map cause it’s integrated with the phone address book.

  • I find the usage of green space in Apple Maps overwhelming and distracting.

  • Let’s hope a Google Maps update changes this.

  • Yeah, Google Maps is just so much better for listing searches and searches in general.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I tend to favor google maps for its accuracy, but I find Apple maps runs and loads a lot quicker and smoother. Zooming in and out on google maps is like using an android device, it doesn’t track your finger movements as smoothly or as quickly.

  • Anon

    Better yet, why not have this implemented in the next iOS update? Give the user the ability to CHOOSE what to use as the default Maps and Browser apps, instead of having the default crap apps shoved down our throats. One of the reasons why I’m still JB’d on 5.1.1 and running tweaks to get this functionality. Geez.

  • steve

    Google should band Apple from using its application’s. Apple refused to put google maps in their phones, so Google has the last laugh I guess