Météo for iOS: Free Weather App Powered by Environment Canada


Remember the app released by Tim Hortons back in 2011, TimmyMe? That was created by Canadian Saskatoon-based developer Cory Jacobsen, who also made the weather app Degrees, before it was sold to AppSuey two years ago, which was eventually abandoned by the latter and pulled from the App Store.

That decision led Jacobsen to launch Météo, a weather app made just for Canadians. The app is powered by data from Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada; Cory said he worked with a couple employees from the former to create “the most accurate and detailed weather app possible”, localized in both English and French.

IPhone6Plus 01MainScreen IPhone6Plus 02Details7Day

Météo is a fully featured weather app, which also includes 3D Touch (for previewing weather from your cities list), push notifications for weather alerts, plus a Today Widget for Notification Center.

IPhone6Plus 03Details24Hour IPhone6Plus 04Radar

What makes the app compelling is it’s completely free, with zero ads and no in-app purchases to unlock premium features. Jacobsen explains he’s trying the Patron model, where users have the option to pay, if they wish to, but is not necessary.

IPhone6Plus 05SearchMap

Cory said for now, weather data is pulled directly from Environment Canada, and while he has looked into other sources, he tells us he has no plans to use them anytime soon. The development of the app  started back in January, and was a side project for Jacobsen as he is already busy with a full-time job.

We’ve been testing Météo for a few days this week and we must say it’s a pretty great weather app. By default, Current Location is toggled off, which can be a nice battery saver, while Environment Canada public alert bulletins can be customized.

The app’s city list shows icons to indicate current weather conditions, followed by temperature. Tapping your city details a 7-day forecast or 24-hour, plus the option to view weather radar, right from Environment Canada.

Click here to download Météo for iOS in the App Store. It’s available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. Apple Watch support is coming soon. Let us know how you like it.


  • Z S

    This is awesome news. I loved Degrees and was so sad when it stopped working/disappeared without any notice.

  • JH

    And great news because ‘The Weather Network” sold its soul to advertising.

  • Brad Fortin

    “Oh, hey, [AD] we heard you wanted [AD] to look at the [AD] forecast, so we [AD] split the forecast up into multiple [AD] ‘streamlined’ [AD] sections to make things [AD] easier to [AD] read!”

  • Dominic

    Kind of a unique way to tailor to all Canadians. Was not expecting a name like Météo from somebody in Saskatoon lol but it’s just like the Liberal party adds the « ´ » to their name for the bilingual touch.

  • Lol let’s just enjoy the app 😀

  • Guy Fisher

    I really liked Degrees. Was frustrating when it stopped working. No other weather app came close. Looking forward to try this.

  • mxmgodin

    “but it’s just like the Liberal party adds the « ´ » to their name for the bilingual touch.”

    I find the way the Liberal party adapted their logo to be inherently bilingual, using the maple leaf as the accent aigu, is actually very, very clever.
    Any Canadian graphic designer who has to make bilingual logos/flyer/posters/etc. will tell you what a hassle it can be to have to fit 2 versions of everything in your work, and how constraining that can be, creatively speaking.