Microsoft Launches ‘News Pro’ for iOS to Compete with Apple News


Microsoft has launched News Pro for iOS along with a companion web version, in what looks to be their foray into the news game, to compete with Apple News (Canadians: what the heck is Apple News?) and more.

Find articles and topics you didn’t know you needed. News Pro allows you to extend the scope of your daily news updates by suggesting new topics to search based off your current interests and by helping you discover websites where you can read articles that are interesting to you. You can also search for news related to any topic right in the app so you can always be fully informed.

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News Pro—dubbed “your work news brief”—is powered by Bing News and is a Microsoft Garage project, from the same team that introduced to experimental apps like Send and Tossup. All you have to do is connect your Facebook, LinkedIn or both to the app to see a customized news feed, consisting of major news headlines.

If you’re looking for yet another news app, this might worth checking out.

Click here to download Microsoft News Pro for iOS in the App Store.

[via Business Insider]


  • McNucklefuts

    I wonder if apps like these going more International will push Apple to open up their News service to more users.

  • aaloo

    i’ve been using apple pay in canada since launch. Remember changing my location to US somewhere to get it, but now its there for good.

  • KS

    Talking of Microsoft, the not so long ago released Office Lens is also a very good app. Gotta say, Microsoft deserves credit for making really good apps lately.

  • ipostic

    It’s always sad that iOS App Store search is in such bad condition. When you try to search for News Pro Microsoft – no results. Had to follow the link to get the app… Apple, what year is it?