National Bank of Canada 2.0 for iPhone Launches, Mobile Cheque Deposit Removed


Montreal-headquartered National Bank of Canada, the sixth largest bank in the country, has updated their iPhone app to version 2.0, which adds a “new user friendly look & feel,” plus new features. 

Customers can now transfer balances from others credit cards to their National Bank MasterCard, while also add recipients for transfers from their iPhone contact list, among other new features:

What’s New in Version 2.0
New user friendly look & feel and new features for the phone app:

• Transfer the balance of other credit cards to your National Bank MasterCard card
• Activate your digital access directly on your phone
• Add a transfer recipient directly from your contact list
• Order foreign currency and have it delivered to your home or the branch of your choice
• Reset your password

National bank canada National bank canada 2

Some users are upset at this update, noting in their iTunes review the ability to deposit cheques via the app, a feature that debuted in late 2013, has been removed. 

National Bank of Canada was named the country’s ‘Best Mobile Banking Service Provider’ back in 2013; the bank’s mobile app debuted in late 2011.

Click here to download National Bank for iPhone in the App Store.


  • Setak

    Hi Gary,

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  • Hi we’re trying to isolate this issue, it’s not planned. Can you email the forwarding URL if you can to gary AT the next time it happens? Thanks

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    Some good news and some bad news.
    The good news is that via my iPhone on IOS 9 public beta 2, I see no redirect.
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  • We are aware of the spacing issue and are trying to address this before the final release. Thanks