New Bell Mobile TV Users Will Pay Price Increase to $3/Hour for Overages


If you’ve been considering a subscription to Bell Mobile TV, it looks like you will be paying a new price increase for overages. According to an internal doc, MobileSyrup reports new activations will pay $3/hour for overages instead of the original $1/hour price.

Bell Mobile TV subscribers pay $5/month to get access to 10 hours of live TV from 25 channels ranging from sports, news and entertainment. The app requires a 3G/4G/LTE connection and the data used does not come from your data bucket; it is only available to Bell subscribers.

The app debuted in February of 2010, and is periodically updated to include the latest sporting events such as March Madness and the London 2012 Olympics.


Are you a Bell Mobile TV subscriber?


  • gtasscarlo

    Hell… that is all.

  • Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell?

  • gtasscarlo

    No bell is hell

  • pmarcovi

    What about the net neutrality?

  • TelRock

    What a rip off

  • Who actually uses that app anyways.

  • Jon

    This is illegal. It defies net neutrality rules. It defies bundling rules. It defies industry Canada rules. They cannot charge new subscribers a different rate fr overages than they do for older subscribers. The law states it must be the same rate for all subscribers, regardless of phone, service, or date they subscribed! In fact charging different data rates for iPhone vs blackberry va iPad is also illegal. Why they haven’t been taken to court is beyond logic!

  • Toy lover

    You can’t begin to imagine how little I care about their tv on the phone “service”

  • Richard

    Honestly $5 for 10 hours isn’t a bad price.. The reality of it is the channel offerings are not much better than over the air television in most places. Question is, do they still make pocket TVs?