New Skype Update Fixes ‘Lost’ Credit Balance and Contacts Bug


Skype had released a new update today to address the bug users have experienced with yesterday’s significant update that brought Bluetooth and image stabilization.

The update yesterday triggered the balance for Skype Credit to display as $0.00 and removal of contact lists. The solution was to make a paid call or reinstall the app to restore balances. Today, a fast-tracked update, version 3.5.117 fixes both of these issues and other bugs. Thanks to everyone for letting us know about this bug! This update should solve your problems.

Click here to download it from iTunes.

(Thanks for the heads up @RobertDHanna)


  • TJ

    I find it mind boggling that Skype didn’t notice that something as basic as contacts and credits were missing as they did their testing (or did they do any?). The moment I turned it on, I noticed all my contacts (and me) were missing  BASIC things like photos. Good thing it’s free. I wouldn’t pay for missing things that obvious.

  • Jay

    they fixed the described bugs… and with build 3.5.117 this app become really unstable on some iphones: i have had to notice crashes of the app and could read about in some blogs / forums.
    it sometimes takes me minutes before the messages window opens for a contact and minutes again before the chat history is loaded… and than often it crahes unexpeted…

    from my point of view this release is really horrible…

    hope they will fix these issues too.