Nokia to Launch “Here” iOS Maps App Based on New Cloud Service [Update]


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AllThingsD is attending Nokia’s press event to announce their new cloud-based mapping service, “Here”. Nokia confirmed it had acquired Earthmine, a California-based 3D mapping company, which will help them get more accurate maps. Nokia will be getting map data from a variety of sources and the Here service crowdsources data from users for real-time fixes.

As for their upcoming iOS maps app based on Here–some details are below as noted by AllThingsD:

Nokia planning an iOS mapping app that puts its HTML5-based service into a native app. That will require Apple’s approval, which Halbherr said the company expects in the next couple of weeks. It sounds like that Here app will have voice guided walking–but not driving–directions.

He then notes the iOS experience saying Nokia is doing that on the off-chance there might be a few iPhone owners that want better mapping. He shows live traffic, public transit and other features not found in Apple maps. There are turn-by-turn driving directions, but the voice-guided navigation is only for walking.

Clicking on a spot in the iOS app will bring up the 25 most popular places nearby. In some cases, such as malls, Nokia has in-venue maps.

Given the SNAFU with Apple Maps in iOS 6, alternatives are quietly waiting in the wings, such as an iOS version of Google Maps, which some employees suspected Apple would not approve.

Update: Here is more info about the app via Nokia. The app will be here “in the coming weeks”:

To further extend its location services, Nokia is launching a maps application for iOS under the HERE brand. Based on HTML5, it will include offline capabilities, voice-guided walk navigation, and public transport directions. The application is scheduled to be available for free download from Apple’s App Store in the coming weeks.


  • Apple will be shooting themselves in the foot by not approving Google maps. This is what people are expecting. If they don’t deliver then this will be another reason to move to android. Regardless. In about 3 years the smartphone market will be saturated and those that can’t keep up [Apple] will be out in the cold.

  • If they’re going to approve this new Nokia maps app then there’s no reason for them to reject the Google Maps app. A little logic applies here.

    Edit: If Apple are smart they’ll buy Nokia just for their location-based / mapping services and their imaging / camera expertise. It’ll cost billions for sure but with over $100 billion in the bank Apple can pay for it without breaking a sweat.

  • Hello

    are both wrong. Apple never confirmed they denied Google maps as they wouldn’t
    because there are other maps available in the app store and show them on the
    Featured page in the App Store. Google has never said officially they were
    denied, just some employee giving his opinion. The maps app that existed in iOS
    prior to iOS 6 was made by Google by it was an Apple app. Once Apple was
    releasing their own they had to remove it. Blame Google for not releasing a
    version of their own for iOS. Apple tried to get Google to update the app and
    create turn by turn directions and Google said no. So you can blame Google
    here. That is when SJ decided Apple will make their own. Apple wanted more

    And you think people would change phones because of one map app? LMAO. If you
    need maps to get around your local city, you need more help than any phone can

    Scott Forstall is right the “maps” is way overblown and Tim Cook is a
    wimp. Steve Jobs would never have said sorry, never. He may not have released
    it when they did but he wouldn’t have said sorry like Tim. You scream at Tim
    and he goes crying.

    I would be more upset at Apple for releasing a phone that scratches the black
    off so easily. And who is the head of design? Hmmm. The same guy who put the antenna
    on the side where you hold it. Hmmm. Jonathan Ive. Don’t see him having to
    apologize. And who decided to create an iPad Mini without Retina display, hmmm.
    My Rant

  • toylover

    “And who decided to create an iPad Mini without Retina display” A.: The laws of physics. There is no free lunch. The most desirable feature of the new Mini is its WEIGHT! I can hold it for long periods of time with one hand and carry it with me all day. Not so with the twice as heavy original iPad. The resolution, on the smaller 7.9 inch Mini is good enough. I will not upgrade to next years model if they offer more resolution or a faster CPU but I will consider the next model if it is significantly lighter.