Password Manager oneSafe is Apple’s Free App of the Week ($5 Value)


If you’re not using a password manager, you need one, especially in today’s world where having a unique password on every site and account is one way to keep your data secure. Apple’s free App of the Week is Singapore-based Lunabee’s oneSafe, which normally retails for $4.99 USD. The password manager has been featured by Apple in the App Store before, rated as a best new app in 80 countries.

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We haven’t used this yet (as we’re avid 1Password fans), but iTunes reviews are pretty positive for this app, which supports Touch ID (and 3D Touch for iPhone 6s) and allows you to store a variety of items safely and securely.

Might be worth giving a shot, if you’re looking for an alternative to 1Password (not sure why you would need to!). With so many major developers (Twitter, Slack, Tweetbot, eBay, Uber, etc) already using the 1Password iOS app extension, it’s hard to even think about a second player getting into the game.

Click here to download oneSafe for iOS in the App Store. There’s a companion Mac app available for $27.99 but it’s probably better to wait for a 50% off sale (there was one last month for Chinese New Year).


  • Andrew

    Please excuse this noob question, but is there a password manager that will log you into all the various apps we have on our iPhones? Or do they just log you into websites?
    I have dozens of hotel and airline apps that never seem to retain my login info.
    And it’s frustrating if you have to do a reinstall or when you buy a new device to re-enter all that info.

  • 1Password. As we mentioned, their iOS API is pretty much the leader out there, as apps such as Twitter, eBay, Wunderlist, Readdle’s apps, etc, have integrated into their login screens. So all you do is tap the 1Password icon, it loads, do your Touch ID thing, and bam, you have your login.

    Also, you can enable 1Password into the iOS share sheet, so you can login to any website using Safari. Alternatively, you can use the browser inside 1Password.

  • Andrew

    Thanks Gary
    As i suspected then. It works primarily for web surfing and maybe just a few apps.
    Would be nice if it worked for all my other apps.

  • Yeah, it’s not exactly 1Password’s fault, but other app developers need to include their API for it to be integrated.

    Best solution I can suggest is to mark your travel app logins as ‘Favourites’ in 1Password, and then use the app icon’s 3D Touch shortcut to jump directly to Favourites. As long as you have your thumb on Touch ID, it will happen fairly quickly. Then you just need to copy the app’s password, and switch back to your travel app. Somewhat ‘tedious’, but it’s worth it for security’s sake.