Paper by Facebook Launches in US


Paper by facebook

Facebook has announced Paper, a news reader app obtaining content from a user’s Facebook news feed and from other well-known publications, with the expected launch date being today. The app has landed, as promised, and is available to US iPhone users, but there is a fight about its name.

The problem with Paper is that there is another popular iOS app called Paper developed by a small company, FiftyThree. The latter launched an app back in 2012, allowing its users to sketch on the iPad, just like they do in a traditional notebook.

As the New York Times points out, the app was so popular – seeing double-digit million downloads – that in 2012 it was named by Apple as the “Best App of the Year”, and also received several other awards.

So, when the social network giant announced their own app entitled Paper, the guys from FiftyThree were surprised, and asked Facebook to change its new app name. It must be noted here that FiftyThree trademarked its app name as “Paper by FiftyThree”. But, as you can see, despite complaints, Facebook proceeded as scheduled without changing the app’s name.

When contacted by the NYT, FiftyThree pointed to several similarities the two apps have and said there is a simple way for Facebook to fix the situation.

Unfortunately for FiftyThree, in terms of power, the balance seems to favour Facebook: the social media giant has more than 6,000 employees, and is currently worth $150 billion. By comparison, FiftyThree has 34 employees and an unknown valuation.

You can download Paper by Facebook from the App Store.


  • Any idea when this is due to be out in Canada?

  • Hopefully soon. I would guess it shouldn’t be too long

  • ryanrobert

    Change your iTunes Store country to USA and download it then switch back. Just have to switch back to USA periodically to get updates. You’ll need to find a zip code in the state you select for it to work. I select Indiana and 46311.

  • Chrome262

    That only works if you do not have an itunes Match account. if you do you would have to cancel it. I have an itunes US account, set it up with a gift card. But like you said would have to log in for updates, when it comes here I will delete the app and get the Canadian version. I am using it it now and its amazing, I am seriously considering deleting FB app just to use this exclusively.

  • ryanrobert

    Thanks, I didn’t know it wouldn’t work with iTunes Match.

  • Chrome262

    Yeah I didn’t either, I started the above and it said “You have and iTune match on this account, to change country you must first cancel account” so i back out of there fast, even if I could start a new one, I didn’t want to have to go through all that upload again.

  • Chrome262

    The only issue I have with it so far, is you can’t edit the categories it offers. For example, if you chose to have Tech in your group, you can’t choose which tech sites, so I am stuck with Gizmodo and Verge, which are ok, but others, like this one, don’t show up. Same for news. But you guys are in my FB feed so thats ok. 🙂

  • yearoftherat

    Hopefully, there will be more categories and the ability to edit what you want. Other than that its not a bad app.

  • Mathieu

    It also does not work if you have credits in your iTunes account aka gift card. You have to spend it all before changing App Store region…