PC Plus for iOS Update Forces Users to Delete, Re-Add Cards to Wallet


Loblaws’ PC Plus last month urged members to change their passwords, after the company admitted some members had points stolen from their accounts. Eventually, PC Plus forced reset all customer passwords, blaming the breach on “passwords exposed through third party websites or weak passwords.”

Pc plus Pc plus 2

The PC Plus app for iOS has been updated to address the breach, which now forces all members to delete old digital cards and re-add a new one from the app. So any cards that remain within Passbook or Wallet in iOS will need to be replaced. The move looks to weed out unauthorized cards that have been added through compromised accounts.

The PC Plus iOS app allows members to get offers, view earned points in real-time and redeem points straight from the app.

Click here to download PC Plus for iOS in the App Store.


  • Hard to blame people for weak passwords, when they limit you to a maximum of 8 characters lol. My password is longer, and I’m forced to dumb it down due to their limitations.

  • xeronine992

    Not just limit you to 8 characters, but FORCE you to have exactly 8. Absolutely stupid!

  • Michael Thompson

    totally ridiculous and extremely unprofessional to limit a password to max 8 characters. I sent PC an email but haven’t heard back

  • Michael Thompson

    I guess that’s what happens when companies let the marketing department deal with IT issues LOL

  • Chrome262

    Not going to bother. Points are tied to debt card so they check for me at register. Screw their crappy interface