Standalone ‘RBC Wallet’ for iPhone Launches in the App Store


This morning we told you about RBC Mobile for iOS getting a fresh redesign, which also added Apple Watch support and made RBC Wallet front and centre.

We now know the purpose of RBC Wallet for iOS users, as a standalone app has hit the App Store. This new app allows users to buy, send and redeem gift cards, plus pay with them in stores.

The app also allows access to debit and credit card balances. If RBC were to support Apple Pay, this app could bring real-time balances of your latest transactions.

– Buy, send and redeem gift cards quickly and easily
– Choose gift cards from a wide variety of retailers
– Securely load your plastic gift cards to the app
– Pay with a gift card in-store
– Monitor and reload balances
– Send a gift card via email to family and friends
– Access your debit and credit card account balances

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So far, early reviews in iTunes have slammed this app as being “pointless”, “useless” and also suggesting users to “use Apple Wallet” instead. Let us know how you like this app.

Click here to download RBC Wallet for iOS in the App Store.


  • Léonard Bonfils

    Pretty cool app, just downloaded it. It’s so nice to not have to open the app, and go to the specific account and everything…

  • Jon

    When passes and gift cards that are in the Wallet app (the Apple one) are accessible without even unlocking the phone by double clicking the home button, having to unlock the phone, open this app and then select the cards is a few too many steps. Not a huge deal, but it’s really hard to beat just double clicking the home button.

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