Real Racing 3 Reimburses Gamers Over ‘Stuck at 97%’ Completion Bug


Real Racing has decided to credit players who have experienced a bug in the game where completion of a series would remain frozen at 97% even after reaching 100% completion.

To make up for this bug, the company has issued a gift to users to compensate them for lost golf and R$ within the game, as detailed in the Fire Monkeys forums:

Hey all, we’re very sorry that you’ve experienced this issue. We’re now rolling out the reimbursement gift over this weekend to the thousands of players that experienced this problem.

For anyone that experienced this issue, please close the App and open it again (ensure you’re online and signed in).

So in order to claim your reimbursement, ensure you’re signed into the game for starters. Next, just close the app and then relaunch it to receive your gift.

Real Racing 3 launched back in March based on a freemium model and quickly became the number one app in 90 countries. If you’ve suffered from this bug, let us know if you managed to get reimbursed for this bug.


  • bringer666

    I’m not sure how this works but I had the 97% bug awhile ago. They fixed it with an update so it showed 100% for only 39 races but I never received the R$ or Gold for the completion. Then in a more recent update they added the Corvette as a new car and added a race to the series so it was then 39 out of 40 completed. I bought the car and after finishing the race in first place, I got the 100% completion bonus. I don’t know what they are offering now. I don’t see anything yet.