Save Money at the Gas Pump With the Help of These 5 Apps


Gillian Shaw from the Vancouver Sun recommends five gas apps to help you save money at the pump, with prices at all-time highs across Canada especially in the Lower Mainland (reaching and exceeding $1.50/L).

Out of the recommendations, personally I have found GasBuddy to be the best for my needs (Canadian gas prices from GasBuddy are also available in the Poynt app).

What’s your favourite gas app? How much is gas in your area? Time to save up for that Prius…


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  • draz

    I have given up driving around searching for the cheap gas when all I am saving is not even enough for a cup of coffee.
    I just pay $25 every time I need gas from whatever the price is at Petro Canada. 

    I do have the iPhone web app from and it’s pretty accurate with letting me know if I should get gas on the way home from work or on the way to work tomorrow. Plus whenever the price goes up a significant amount it’s all over the news, hard to ignore that.