Shaw Launches Video On Demand App For iPhone


This week Shaw has launched a Video On Demand app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The new VOD app gives users access to the Shaw On Demand library of movies, TV shows, and sports events.

Users can also order videos through the app and send them to their Shaw TV, at which point the order can be confirmed through the “My Orders” section on the Shaw Video On Demand service.

The VOD app allows users to browse through the extensive library of movies and TV shows on Shaw’s Video On Demand service and also view a brief description of each selection.

The app further allows users to search by title, new release, or genre and gives access to subscription services. Users can also maintain their list of selections in the “My Picks”.

While the app is free for anyone to download, to use the app, you must be subscribed to Shaw Internet and Digital TV (or HDTV).

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  • Happy

    So, can you watch shows on your phone if you have shaw?

  • Bdobson

    The application is only used to order the show, which you then would need to go into VOD to “My Orders” and watch on your television.

  • Tbd

    If I’m going to order PPV, I’m going to do it while sitting in front of the TV rather than on an iPhone. Why can’t Shaw provide a useful app, like a PVR programmer which would let me set recordings when I’m not home or when I’m out of town?

  • Nick

    Right… it would be more useful if you could watch right on your phone, but apple wouldn’t allow that because it would be competition with iTunes

  • Corey

    wtf….shaw quit wasting your time with this crap and give us an iphone app that allows us to remotely program our PVR!! No one needs this.

  • Hank Romualdez

    Simple reason. Shaw earns something from ordering shows. Ability to recor. normal (pre-paid) programming doesn’t benefit greedy Shaw. So obviously they won’t spend a bug to develop an app for that. grrr!

  • Guest

    From what I understand, the benefit with the app is that it allows the entire selection of Shaw’s VOD library to be accessed. The whole library isn’t available through the set top, so this allows another channel to access it for folks that may not have a computer nearby (or too lazy to get it late on a Saturday night!)

  • Lwaa


  • so the app is only used to order movies for your TV ?? what a useless app.

  • Frustrated

    This is not useful at all.  Shaw needs to pay attention and provide an update that is with the times or they will be left behind!!