Snapseed, Our Highly Recommended Photo Editing iOS App Is Free In App Store Today [Download]


We’ve already labelled it as probably “the best photo editing app” for iOS devices in a recent video review (embedded below) and if you haven’t yet taken our word for it, now is the perfect time to get it as Snapseed has just gone free in the App Store for a limited time. Regularly priced at $4.99, the app is fairly easy to use and offers tons of quick photo editing options for both professional and casual photographers. Best of all, the app comes as a universal binary and has been optimized for both iPhone and iPad displays.

So what are you waiting for. Hit up the direct link below and get downloading!

To get you started with the basics of photo editing with Snapseed, take a look at the video demonstration below:


  • David Males

    Just checked the App store moments ago and it is not free to download. Seems I missed the window again!

  • Pherman

    Hi, why do i keep getting your emails a day late and so always miss out in the one day sales or fee offers you show? Your valentine’s Day offerings showed up on my iPad at 1:45 am on Febr. 15.
    Is there no way you can send the offers earlier in the day of?

  • Pherman

    Aeticle was written and submitted on the 13th for frre download on the 14th. We got the notice on the 15th. This keeps happening over and over and we miss out on these special offers! Send promotions out earlier so we all get a chance !

  • Compasspc

    Exactly – your blog is infamous for reporting “free” apps, not once have I been able to get an app because your blog is a post mortem

  • We keep hearing different feedback from our readers. Some want emails instantly first thing in the morning, and some want them the day of. We tested moving the emails to the afternoon so users can get in on free apps to download, but then people complained about not getting them first thing in the morning.

    The best bet is to subscribe to our RSS feed for the latest updates.

  • Pherman

    I don’t even get them the day off or the day before.  I get them the NEXT day when the deadline has expired. Early morning or afternoon would be just fine as long as we get a chance at the downloads!

  • The issue with the early morning newsletter is that it will only send published posts at that scheduled time, say 6AM EST. So, if we publish an article at 10AM, it won’t get sent out until the next day. I’ll see if we can get emails 2x day.