Sparrow Mail App For iPhone On Sale ($0.99) For 2 Days Only, Download Now


Back in March, the makers of Sparrow, one of the finest email clients for Mac OS X, introduced Sparrow for iPhone which has been getting better and better ever since in an effort to become the perfect alternative for iOS devices. Having recently added the ability to support POP accounts, the company has decided to put Sparrow for iPhone on sale for the next 2 days i.e for Tuesday and Wednesday, the app is available for $0.99, while on Friday the price will be bumped back to $2.99.

Sparrow made this announcement in an official blog post today:

Sparrow will be $0.99 for 2 days. On Tuesday & Wednesday.

It will then go up to $1.99 on Thursday

Before getting back to its original price of $2.99 on Friday

Grab your copy now!

So if you haven’t already laid your hands on Sparrow for iPhone, get it now at the following App Store link:


  • Networx

    Does it do IMAP accounts too?

  • Iphonelovet

    Yes it does. However, no push notifications.

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  • Czar

    I’ve seen no explanation in this story as to why anyone should purchase this app. What are it’s capabilites? Should I purchase it only because it is a good app? How is it good? Sorry, but I can already use POP email accounts. What is different?