Starbucks App Pick of the Week: Pocket Yoga – Practice Builder [Promo Codes!]


Every other Tuesday, Starbucks releases their free App Pick of the Week which is a promo code for a free download. This week we have Pocket Yoga – Practice Builder, which allows all the yogis out there to “create custom yoga routines in minutes.” The app regularly retails for $4.99, so this app might be worth getting.

• Choose from a list of over 140 poses, including variations and transitional poses.
• Specify the order and the duration of each pose.
• Follow suggestions on the next pose or choose from a complete list.

• Set the duration to hold each pose based on time or on number of breaths.
• Adjust what the voiceover will say after a pose is queued.
• Add music from a built-in list or from your iPod library.
• Use Undo to revert back undesirable changes.

• Email a practice to your friends so they can try it.
• Email a practice as a PDF.
• Print your practices wirelessly with AirPrint.
• Play your practices on a large screen TV by connecting wirelessly to your Apple TV or with the corresponding AV cables. [Wireless connectivity requires iPhone 4S or iPad 2].

What’s neat about this app is the AirPlay support, which enables you to stream your routine to your Apple TV. You can also share routines via email as a PDF to friends.

Free promo codes below courtesy of Matthew Santoro and @swotam–enjoy (here’s how to redeem a promo code)!

If you use one of these codes, let us know how you like the app in the comments!

Update: 6 more promo codes below, enjoy!


  • Rashida S.

    I used JK6JP6NLW4R6. Some of the others have been redeemed already. Thanks for posting the codes…I never make it out to Starbucks and often miss out on their freebie apps!

  • mb

    all codes have been used.

  • rickyscv

    All codes are used 🙁 They’ll be some fit people watching using this site if they actually use the app…

  • Doh. Try visiting your local Starbucks for a free card. They should have lots.

  • bmac

    I used ‘NJTKPEREJMPR’ thanks!

  • Cheerio!

  • billy bob bob billy

    Ohhhhh yay *British accent*