Starbucks: Over 2.1M Mobile Payments Made Each Week, 7M Active Users



Starbucks revealed some interesting mobile stats yesterday at their biennial Investor Conference (via ZDNET), where it introduced its accelerated global growth plans.

When it comes to mobile transactions, 2.1 million are made per week, which also help move lines faster and increase sales velocity. There are a total of 7 million active mobile users and hundreds of thousands of new app downloads each week. So far there have been over 100 million mobile transactions.

Chief digital officer Adam Brotman notes “with mobile it all comes together and allows us to turbo charge everything across digital”. He expects mobile payments to account for 10% of payments in the U.S. by the end of fiscal 2013.

A recent deal with Square has allowed Starbucks to save on fees when it comes to debit and credit card transactions, which Brotman says “it’s a real number”.

With its recent updates for Passbook integration and the iPhone 5, the Starbucks iPhone app has become the primary method of payment for numerous users. With easy auto reload options, it’s just another convenient way to pay for your coffee.

Are you using the Starbucks iPhone app to pay at Starbucks?


  • gerry

    I often get people who aren’t ‘up to the digital age’ ask me what I just did when I paid for my purchase by Passbook. They’re often quite impress after I explain to them about the who process.

  • gerry

    ‘technology age’

  • draz

    Always use it every time. I get points towards gold status and reloading to credit card means I get points on that too.

    It’s just so simple and easy to use.

  • gerry

    Saves you so much time from fiddling for change. Not like some who spends a long time counting their nickels and dimes.

  • Not4Me

    People who count nickels and dimes are more likely to be going to Tim Hortons. It’s more frustrating waiting for the cashier to change all the people with $100 bills.