Top 5 Free Weather Apps For your iPhone


One topic all Canadians talk about is the weather and to have a good conversation you need to know the forecast. To help  you stay up to date with the latest weather changes, here are my top 5 Free Weather Apps for your iPhone based in my experience with them.

Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather has all the weather information you need, presented beautifully. Everything from the current temperature to a weather radar are available and there are no in-app purchases to fill-in missing information or features. Yahoo! Weather is also the only app on this list that doesn’t have ads.

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The Weather Network

Though the UI isn’t pretty, it’s well organized and has all the information from The Weather Network website, including a video of the recent forecast.

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SkyMotion does not have a detailed weather forecast, but the information it does have is updated every 5 minutes and presented clearly. You can also send SkyMotion weather status updates, such as Partly Cloudy or Snow, by tapping on the eye icon.

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Weather On

Weather On looks cool. Each piece of information has its own box and they fly around as you move from page to page. It also posts quotes from famous people, which have nothing to do with the weather, but it’s something you won’t find in other weather apps.

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If you like watching weather radars Intellicast has a great one on its main page, which also adds a wow factor when you open Intellicast and see a large storm system. If you want to see their professional grade storm tracking  tools or a boating centric forecast you can buy a 6 month subscription with an in-app purchase.

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All the apps on this list have accurate forecasts and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

What weather app do you use? Let us know in comments.


  • Krst

    You forgot Atmospherique.

  • Johnny

    apple’s native weather app dropped the ball as the yahoo weather one is quite clean and informative, at least m.mayer did something right.

  • A couple of favourites to add to the list are Degrees, which gets its information from Environment Canada and AeroWeather, which sources the same information pilots use for their flight planning. Living Earth, available for Mac and iOS, is another slick app that includes weather information which comes courtesy of Weather Underground.

  • Aaron Berning

    I use Celsius; it pulls environment canada data and has a clean, simple interface.

  • Anon

    Those are all crap. The Weather Channel is the best weather app, bar none.

  • Lee

    Yahoo Weather is ALWAYS wrong!

  • Ryan Banks

    The one thing I don’t like about the Yahoo Weather app is that it does not show how much precipitation or snow is expected…Unless I’ve completely missed where this is in the Yahoo app, I have to switch back to Weather Network to get it.

  • I agree with Lee who said that the Yahoo Weather app is always wrong. I have an outside thermometer that currently says 24 in Burlington, Ontario, same as the Weather Network is saying but Yahoo Weather says it is only 21. I get the feeling that it isn’t updated often enough. Unfortunate, because i really like this app otherwise.

  • natik

    the yahoo weather app sure is pretty, but it’s frequently off.. way off.. as much as 10 degrees of what I’ve noticed. When I’m burning up in 27C weather, it will tell me that it’s a cool 16 with a high of 21 for nearly every day. Not sure where the information is coming from, but it seems like it needs work.

  • DJ

    I like the presentation in Intellicast, but it is next to useless for Canadians.
    Many major cities are unknown to Intellicast – try, for example, to find out about the weather for Sault Ste. Marie, Barrie, or Parry Sound in Ontario!

  • Weather Mate is also a good app for weather forecast. I wonder why such a good app is not mentioned in the list? I like weather Mate because it is free and it provides satellite and radar maps. It also has a travel planner to forecast the weather for any location you want to travel. It is definitively a good application for people like me, who travel frequently. All i have to do is to add the location of the place i want to travel in the travel planner and it will show the weather forecast for the areas. It also has a NWS radio to broadcast the weather throughout the United States.