Top iPhone Apps This Week Recommended by YOU!


App discovery can be an issue when there are over 350,000 apps to choose from. It’s always nice to hear about those “gems” from friends. But it’s even better to hear about worthy apps via twitter. Therefore, we are starting a new weekly addition to, called Top iPhone Apps This Week Recommended by YOU. #TIATWRbY.

We’ll feature the top 10-15 recommended apps that people are enjoying at the moment. Hopefully you will enjoy them too.

Thanks to the following people for sending in their favourite apps via twitter:

@charlesjbarry: 100 Rogues
@StreetFoodApp: Street Food App (Vancouver)
@ctmagnus: Nike+ GPS
@johncpiercy: picplz, Smartr
@leluso: Osfoora, Camera+, Camera Plus Pro, Alchemy, iGmail
@Senators24: Rdio
@rKwehtoe: Photoshake
@alastair_love: Bubble Ball
@Romek: Flipboard (iPad), Reeder, Olive Tree Bible Reader, iBooks, Kindle, Articles, GoodReader, Twitter, Air Video and TuneIn Radio.
@alexflint: twitter for iPad, Kik
@touchandplay: Sword of Fargoal, UNO

What apps have you been addicted to this week?


  • Deli


  • Anonymous

    Hipstamatic is sooooo awesome. My favourite app in a long time!

  • WhatKnot

    WhatKnot is a great app. And it’s free:)

  • Myupsdriver

    inherited my daughters iphone 3g after getting her the 4. Not using it as a cell phone… just around the house to see what all the fuss is about and practice the touch screen typing (should I move from blackberry qwerty to a droid/iphone). The app I keep going back to is cbc for podcasting and the odd live stream. Thanks!

  • Pete

    ESV + and also MobileMonet.

    MobileMonet is amazing – turn your photo’s into works of art. Ye. another one, but I just bought it & love it. Lite version for free also available.

    ESV + is the premium version of the English Standard Version Bible ,with extras. Very well laid out. It just needs a built-in reading guide. They have a free version also available.

  • Glen8

    Evernote is probably the most useful app I have. I’m a list-maker from way back and use it for keeping lists for my DVD collection, movies-seen, vitamins, links to websites I want to explore further, family travel plans, iPhone/iPad tips, etc. I use it every day.