TSN TradeCentre for iOS Updated to Stream 2013 NHL Trade Deadline


TSN TradeCentre for iOS has received an update today to bring the app up to speed for the fast approaching 2013 NHL trade deadline. TSN is known for their 10-hour flagship broadcast of TRADECENTRE ’13 and you can watch it all live right from within the app, on top of its extensive news coverage.

What’s New in Version 1.5.6
The free TSN TradeCentre app is your definitive destination for comprehensive coverage of one of the biggest days on the NHL calendar – Trade Deadline Day. Highlights of the app include:

• Support for Retina display
• Live streaming of TSN’s 10-hour flagship broadcast TRADECENTRE ’13
• Breaking trade news sent via push notifications to your device
• A real-time Trade Tracker that lists all trades as they happen
• Industry-leading reaction and analysis from the NHL ON TSN team of experts and Insiders

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The app supports the iPhone 5 and Retina iOS devices. If you used this app to track last minute trades last year, then this should all sound familiar to you. Iginla got moved from Calgary before the deadline–who’s going to be next?

Click here to download TSN TradeCentre for iOS–it’s free.


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  • Luongoal is an overrated goalie. One day he looks amazing. The next day he gives up 8 goals when he goes back to his patented ‘dive like a beached whale’ move.

  • sfhsj

    Shut your shit hole. he gave u a reason to celebrate on Feb 28th, 2010. Him along with the rest of the team. You Vancouverites take sh** for granted. Rest of the Canadian teams would die for a All-Star Goaltender like him. And Thanks, you fell for my trap. LOL.

  • sfhsj

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  • I’m not taking anyway from Luongoal’s gold medal. Yes, he played a great game supported by an All-Star cast to win the gold. What I’m saying is when it counts, Luongo hasn’t been able to pull through in the playoffs, like when he had his collapses against Chi-town.

    Am I really a Vancouverite? I agree other Canadian teams would love to have Bobby Lou, but the facts are he’s up on the trading block and not one team has pulled out all the stops to sign him.

    Your ‘trap’ was pretty obvious, I was just responding to have some fun. But it seems like I touched a nerve and you got pretty upset and ended up overreacting. I hope you have a better day and an even greater Easter long weekend.

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  • FrancoisJ

    Anyone been able to get push notification with this app