The Weather Network App Continues to Harness User Location for Ad Integration


Pelmorex, the parent company behind The Weather Network for iOS, acquired Addictive Mobility on Tuesday, a mobile advertising company.

Sam Sebastien, CEO of Pelmorex (formerly head of Google Canada operations) told CBC News “Their DNA is data and targeting, and more and more that has been very important for us.”

Weather network Weather network 2

The acquisition will also let existing Weather Network advertisers reach a larger audience by leveraging Addictive Mobility’s network.

According to Pelmorex vice-president Bala Gopalakrishnan, recent estimates peg 75-80 per cent of Weather Network users enable location services to use the app, meaning these users have consented to being tracked to get real-time weather for their location and be open to advertising.

“I think as long as you’re transparent and clear with users, that’s all you can ask,” Sebastian said, adding “And then it’s up to them to make the decision.”

Sebastian joined Pelmorex this July, while in August The Weather Network updated its privacy policy, to update users on the addition of beacons placed in stores and airports, to further track their location, for ad purposes.

Are you using The Weather Network for iOS? Some of our favourite weather app alternatives include Meteo and Weather Line.


  • Used it before I found out about the targeted ads. Screw those guys, although I suppose it’s what you get for downloading a free app.

  • Stopped using it some time ago when it was obvious that it stopped being a weather information app and became an advertisement delivery app with some weather info. Shame because it used to be a decent weather app. I changed to Accuweather until which started doing the same insidious selling of user information to third parts.

    So now back on Apple’s Weather app — while not the best in terms of UI or features, at least it won’t sell my information or hit me with adverts at every opportunity.

  • Victorious Secret

    Has anyone ever been influenced by mobile Ads anyway?

  • Guest

    Use Windy (from, it’s been my go to weather app now.

  • Sly C

    I try to find a new weather app about once a year. None ever seem to be as accurate as this one. I’m looking forward to checking out these suggestions.

  • Rick Jeans

    Interesting their ads works great but their radar works less than half the time.

  • Yearoftherat

    Was an ok but not a great weather app. Once i heard it went to a subscription based model, I deleted it and now use Meteo.