Word Lens: The Future of Translation Apps for the iPhone


We’ve tried augmented reality apps for the iPhone before. But never one like this for translating languages. The app Word Lens has hit the App Store and its live translating abilities are pretty awesome.

The app interface itself is pretty poor, and its limited to Spanish to English (and vice versa) in-app purchases ($4.99 each!) right now. But all of that aside, the ‘cool’ factor of this app is stunning. Using the iPhone’s camera, it will translate in real time right on your screen.

Of course the Google Goggles feature within the Google Mobile App can do this much better–but it’s not as fast as Word Lens and definitelynot as easy. Also, no network is required for the app to function.

Check out the demo video below:

Click here to download Word Lens. It’s free, and fun to try. It needs some work, but if this is the future of ‘instant translate’ apps my interest is definitely peaked. Imagine using Word Lens when traveling–for all languages? It’d be incredible.

[Thanks to @Mac4everQc for the heads up!]


  • Grammarnazi

    Your interest is piqued, not peaked. 😉

  • Carlos

    Definitely not perfect as French fries is Spanish is just patatas fritas, papas fritas when in Spain.

  • These translation apps are looking better and better.
    i have been looking around the for the best one recently, because my wife and I are planning to go visit family in Holland. Having a good app to help translate a couple things along the way would be perfect.

  • Hernandez7

    This app is free till dec 31

  • Tuckfard

    If only it could translate your terrible grammar into something of beauty…