Apple Faces Criticism Over Omissions & Errors In New Maps [POLL]


Starting with iOS 6, Apple has removed the good old Google Maps app from its mobile operating system in order to replace it with its new 3D Maps app. However, looks like everything isn’t going as planned so far as the Cupertino giant is facing a barrage of criticism over omissions and errors in its new Maps app, as reported by The Telegraph.

A large number of developers and reviewers have noticed some serious errors in the new Maps application for iOS. For instance, the app often displays shops and restaurants streets away from their true location, important sites including some train stations are missing, and the search function appears unable to understand simple requests.

According to the source:

In Britain, data on local businesses, sourced from the review website Yelp, is sometimes years out of date, and satellite images are not as sharp as Google’s. Some places, such as Colchester, were completely obscured by cloud cover.

The search function are unable to find Paddington Station and entire towns such as Solihull are not labelled. The locations of long-defunct High Street chains, including the music retailer Our Price and budget clothing store C&A, are available, however.

“Apple’s made a new product that actually is pretty but dumb,” said Anil Dash, a prominent New York technology entrepreneur.

“Worse, they’ve used their platform dominance to privilege their own app over a competitor’s offering, even though it’s a worse experience for users.”

Google has so far not confirmed whether it will submit a Google Maps app to the App Store to allow iOS users to install it themselves, though iPhone 5 users can still use Google Maps by going to the Google Maps website. As for public transit directions, new iOS 6 users can still rely on the web version of Google Maps.

So guys, take the poll below and tell us if you like the Apple Maps in iOS 6 (you’ll need to click through to the site to vote in the poll):


  • Stark

    Wow I didn’t know so many people disliked the maps. I love the turn by turn, and the fact you can rotate and tilt the map, however the satellite images for in and around Abbotsford are not as clear as google.

  • Ben

    It is a complete failure for apple. How do they expect users going from Google maps to their new map while not only it lacks many features, it is not accurate either!! They have been working on this for 5 years or so and this is what they release with their new phone! Here in Canada, I used Google maps street view, transit routing a lot and now with my new iPhone 5 I should go back one step and start looking for alternatives. you FAILED apple.

  • Code

    My house is a cloud … 🙁

  • L84toff

    This is a deal breaker for me. I’m staying on iOS5 until this mapping business gets resolved.

  • wuju

    I do hope we can have the native Google Map back soon. through the App store.

  • xxxJDxxx

    The images for my entire area are only black and white. The first three or four things I searched for have come up the wrong location. Not something I would want to rely on, which pretty much makes it useless.

  • FragilityG4

    I like them … I never use sattalite images so I don’t really care that they don’t show up properly … Miss street view but ill survive.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Just keep reporting errors I guess. I’ve sent in error reports for at least three items already

  • The map data for my area (northeast BC, around Dawson Creek) is wrong enough to make the app just about useless for me for now. Google Maps online is OK, but it doesn’t integrate with my contacts, which is how I use maps more often than not. The one hopeful thing to me is that my TomTom navigation device doesn’t have some of the iOS Maps errors – e.g., it knows that Rolla, B.C exists, and it knows that Tumbler Ridge isn’t located 80 kilometres from the highway – so hopefully there are fixes on Apple’s end to integrate the map data better overall. On the downside, though, the outdated maps – missing roads built 5 years ago here in Dawson Creek – ARE a feature of TomTom, so I’m less hopeful about that improving anytime soon.

  • True iCloud support right there.

  • It looks and works good but the data is either incorrect or even completely missing which makes it pretty useless.

  • Erik Kappel

    Haha, zing

  • hilarious. they need more User data to get the maps right, but Users are withdrawing untill the data is right… Maybe BETA tag was needed. It’s worked well so far for me and my area. Hope it gets better for more peeps soon.

  • iFone

    I gotta say: The transit routing sux! To route, I have to open the routing app which kicks me out of the Maps app. Poor implementation…

  • excaliburca

    It’s a hot sticky mess right now. You would think using TomTom’s map data it would be a heck of a lot better. Glad I have the TomTom app for my nav purposes instead.

  • No public transit support? iFail apple… Smooth move..

  • Code

    Lmao I have never laughed so hard

  • Jj

    I am sticking with IO5 and when I decide to upgrade I’m probably switching to Samsung. The crappy map app is a deal breaker for me. I don’t like the way apple is forcing things like their maps on is and trying to make us think the 5 is new and wonderful. Samsungs phone already does most of the 5’s new and wonderful things. If I were google I’d either not offer an app or charge apple users like $20 for and make a killing !!

  • I tried to report a missing location, but when it asks me to drag the pin to the correct location, I can’t seem to drag it. It just scrolls the map. Does the missing location reporting work for anyone else?