Analyst: iPad mini With Retina Display to Launch Sooner Than Expected


According to Doug Freedman, an RBC Capital Markets analyst, the production of the second-generation iPad mini with Retina Display is practically on the assembly line.

If you aren’t satisfied with the display of your iPad mini, Freeman has some really good news for you: “the gen-2 iPad mini is getting pulled in, and is likely to have several new suppliers, with Texas Instruments gaining content.”

In his note sent to investors, the word “pulled” seems to mean that Apple has already moved up production of the next iPad mini, although we have no information about the shipping date, except Gene Munster of Piper Jaffrays’s analysts predictions, that is.

Freeman isn’t the only analyst who thinks the second-generation iPad mini with Retina Display will launch soon. Alongside Gene Munster, Digitimes’ sources also have information about an earlier-than-expected launch of the improved iPad mini.

So, our question remains: will Apple end its typical yearly product release cycle? The release of the fourth-generation iPad seems to point in that direction.


  • You know, I’m a daily (more than once a day usually) reader of this site and clearly I love it because I keep coming back.


    I have to say it is getting tiring to see this constant barage of “Analyst 1 said this today”, “Analyst 2 says Apple will get married with the moon on June 15th, save the date”. Etc. sure some of these “predictions” are interesting, but they are often so far from fact that they often don’t even qualify as rumour. I just wish we could get through one day without reading about the ramblings of these madmen. Could these not be brought together into a weekly segment perhaps? Something titled, I don’t know, “This Week In Cookey Analysis”. It’s not like any of these are about anything about to happen in the near future. I feel like it would make it more pleasing to go through the site’s title stories daily, and might actually make me want to read a single post about all of these predictions gathered together.

  • Joe

    no one is forcing you to read the article! sounds like you have an ipad mini already and not happy to hear a new one coming out soon!

  • Neo

    I would imagine simply skipping the titles that are not interesting to readers would the best way to go, as tastes differ and what one finds repetitive or boring might be just what someone else is looking for. Just my two cents…

  • You’re potentially right. Frankly those were just my two cents as well. But to clarify, the seamingly constant (more so than it used to be) barrage of titles about analyst this and analyst that IS in fact what is bothering me. But I won’t elaborate more than I did. I love this site and this is just a nagging annoyance I felt the need to share. Clearly those who would agree with me probably won’t be visiting this post anyway lol.

  • Untrue. I do have the ipad mini and love it. However I also plan to sell it and buy a new one if the next version has retina. I.e. I am looking forward to it, as soon as Apple wants to unload that sexy machine on us.

    Now I might have been clearer, my issue is with the articles popping up on the main page constantly. So I am upset with their frequency, not their content. Like I said, I would read (and be happy about it) one or two article gathering these prediction per week.

    Your opinion is clearly different, if unnecessarily confrontational.

  • Matt

    *Nowhere* does the RBC analyst claim the next iPad Mini will have a Retina display. It very likely will not. And that is the right decision, unless you want a heavier, thicker mini with worse battery life.