Apple Built Google Glass–like Prototypes, Former Exec Says

Once Senior Vice President of Apple’s iPod division and currently Nest CEO Tony Fadell says Apple has prototyped wearable computing devices similar to Google Glass, but “didn’t have time” to turn them into actual products.


Fadell said, speaking with Fast Company (via 9to5Mac):

At Apple, we were always asking, What else can we revolutionize? We looked at video cameras and remote controls. The craziest thing we talked about was something like Google Glass. We said, “What if we make visors, so it’s like you’re sitting in a theater?” I built a bunch of those prototypes. But we had such success with the things we were already doing that we didn’t have time …

This shouldn’t come as a surprise: Apple has toyed around with many tech ideas, and invests a lot in research and development. The description, however, speaks about some sort of reality headsets rather than Google Glass as we know it.

Wearable computing is the next buzz, and Apple is fully aware of that. During the AllThingsD conference, however, Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized that people generally want glasses to reflect their fashion, their style, etc. He also said that he wears glasses, because he needs to, which makes that part of the body difficult to conquer.

The wrist, on the other hand, is more “natural”.

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  • Chrome262

    Microsoft worked on this as well, in fact they use to have commercials about it. not for sale just that they were working on the future. Some guy in a park yelling buy and sell. its not really a new thing, I know the DOD has had working models for years, most of the tech in google glass is actually stuff invented for the “future soldier” project. Same thing with bendable displays, and some battery tech. Been seeing stuff like this since I was a kid.

  • Chrome262

    Oh and I love my Nest, they made a really nice product.