Apple Starts Their Employee Discount Program


In January of this year, while faced with work force troubles overseas, Tim Cook mentioned that Apple would be starting a employee discount program. This program would make it much easier for Apple employees to purchase the products that they develop, build, and sell every day. This program has now started.

Apple employees can now get a $500 discount on Mac computers (excluding the Mac Mini and the new MacBook Pro Retina) and they can get $250 off an iPad. This is on top of their already existing 25% discount. To be eligible for this new discount you must have been with the company for at least 3 months. Also, you can only use this new discount once, every 3 years. That last stipulation is tough, for a company that prides themselves on quick turnover of new products. Typically, most of Apple’s product line is updated once a year.

This is a pretty incredible incentive for Apple employees to purchase Apple products. I’m sure if you work at Apple you, already love their products, but now it is even easier for employees to take them home. If there was an Apple Store in my town, I would working there.

[via 9to5Mac]


  • my azz

    if there was a store you’d work there….sounnds like you already work FOR THEM

  • This comment is from the store basement.

  • MleB1

    Kinda makes the discounts applied to products in their online Refurb Store look pretty darn measly, doesn’t it?
    Maybe they’re selling at a loss to their employees by doing this, simply to encourage brand loyalty/familiarity, but the more likely scenario is Apple is still making a profit from them and this simply emphasizes the Apple Tax to just plain folk.

  • I guess anyone who speaks highly of a company’s product, is working for them. Before there was ever “marketing”, that’s how companies thrived. Through word of mouth.