Apple TV Gains Vevo App in Canada [PIC]


apple tv canada

Those who open up their Apple TV today will have a pleasant surprise: Apple has added a couple new apps to the set top box: the Weather channel, Smithsonian, Disney, Disney XD, and even the rumoured Vevo music video channel (via MacRumors).

Vevo has been rumoured to be arriving on Apple TV since last week, as part of the company’s effort to expand its presence outside YouTube. The company issued a press release to mark this important date, highlighting the site’s library of 75,000 music videos.

Created in partnership with our friends at Apple, VEVO on Apple TV brings VEVO’s library of 75,000 HD music videos, exclusive original programming and live concert performances to Apple TV viewers. Featuring all the newest hits from Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus to videos from years past, VEVO spans the entire spectrum of musical tastes. You can also find all of your favorite VEVO original programming – from Lyric Lines and The Comment Show to our music-meets-fashion series Stylized and behind the scenes Tour Exposed – for a TV experience to enjoy right in your living room.

The Weather channel is a great addition to Apple TV, as it is the first time ever that Apple has provided weather information through its set top box.

Disney has been a long-time partner of the iTunes Store, so the launch of two separate apps on the Apple TV doesn’t come as a surprise, especially if we consider the relationship that exists between Apple and Disney.

All these apps are live in the US, but as you can see from the picture we can only see the Vevo channel. Are you seeing them?


  • Chrome262

    I have a DNS service that allows me to see US content so I see all of them. But most of these are paid content so, in the end you could be forking out some serious bucks man lol. If iTunes had shows cheaper i could see this as a great cable alternative, when supplemented with netflix. Assuming you have the bandwith

  • EvilAspen

    I’m in Canada and its working for me… No DNS service for me!

  • Yep. It is a fantastic addition to the Apple TV!

  • Jason Bjerke

    Ya, I see all of them from Disney to hbo2go etc. But these need to be verified with a US account, even though I pay for the same channel in Canada, there is no CAnadian provider in the drop down menu. Vevo is a nice addition, but IMHO it just as easy to watch VEVO via iphone with AIRPLAY, that way you can search with a keyboard rather than the remote typing one letter at a time.
    oh well