Qualcomm Launches its Own Smartwatch: Toq


qualcomm toq

Turns out, not just Samsung (and a couple other players) is interested in the smartwatch market, but Qualcomm as well. And today was a big day for the industry: after the Samsung Galaxy Gear here comes another smartwatch unveiled today.

Qualcomm unveiled today a wrist computer named Toq (pronounced “talk”) (via AllThingsD), which will be available to consumers in the middle of next month.

In terms of tech specs, the wearable computer was built by using Qualcomm’s Mirasol display (E-Ink-style display with colour), and packs Qualcomm-backed WiPower Le wireless charging, and it connects to a handset via Bluetooth. Its retail price is about the same as the Samsung Gear’s: $300.

The smartwatch ships with different watch faces, and it is controlled from an app running the Android smartphone. According to Qualcomm, the display technology used will allow users to get several days of use between charges.

To balance the lack of speaker and camera, the wearable computer comes with (at least one version) two Bluetooth headphones, which feature wireless charging.

What do you think about this wearable computer? Is this something you would put on?


  • websnap

    That’s screen is amazing

  • Chrome262

    Yeah blows Samsung away, and wireless charging !!!!. now yes it has no speakers, and camera, not sure about apps, and its Android but who knows what the future will bring. See, this is innovative, it has issues but great job on the screen. Doesn’t Samsung make displays? sheeesh

  • beavisaur

    I’m a little confused, it seems like at the end of your article you say that the Toq watch does not have an accelerometer or microphone, but the article on AllThingsD says that it has both, just no speaker or camera.

  • Canucks

    Battery life is what it matters. A watch is no good if it only last 12 hours.

  • IstvanFekete

    Fixed, thank you!

  • Chrome262

    yep and several days is not bad. Now all month would be better but like I said its a start.