Samsung Galaxy S IV to Feature 8-core Exynos Chip, Wireless Charging [Rumour]


SamMobile reports (Via TechCrunch) the next generation Samsung Galaxy S device, the S IV, will carry a hardcore Exynos 5 Octa processor clocked at 1.8GHz. Yes, you read it right, it’s an eight-core processor built into the high-end Samsung handset that aims to attract you to the Android side. Or maybe Tizen?

Galaxy-S-IV-1However, it could go through some changes before reaching Canadian land, just like the Samsung Galaxy S III did when landed in the US. Namely, the Exynos chip was swapped for a Snapdragon chip.

In addition, Samsung cannot deny an Apple influence. The Retina Display has left a mark on how we conceive of high-end smartphones, a mark demonstrated by rumours that the Galaxy S IV is to ship with a promising 5-inch 440ppi display, according to Anandtech. It is expected to reach its customers in March on a global scale after it makes its debut in February.

The device is whispered to pack 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear camera, and 2MP front facing camera capable of 720p video capture. A most interesting feature, however, is the ability to wirelessly charge the device, a feature already announced by Nokia for its flagship device.

So in the end the question remains: The Galaxy S IV is aimed to compete directly with Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, but will it be able to make people switch? The latest customer survey shows the demand for Samsung handset is indeed strong. The only mystery that remains to be revealed after launch is whether the tech specs are enough for a premium price.


  • Me

    Doesn’t the S3 already shoot video in 1080p? What’s so great about 720p???

  • The Galaxy line is going to keep growing….Galaxy S3S?

  • Me

    Sorry just read that again. The FRONT camera is capable of 720p. Ok that is impressive.

  • Peter B

    Seeing how the S3 alone is better than the iPhone 5 I’m certain the S4 won’t disappoint

  • Andrew

    Still runs android which is not optimized for even quad cores, what’s the point?

  • Me

    Hardly. I returned a Note 2 after 9 days and bought the 5. 2+ years of android issues are gone.

  • Zing!

  • What were your Android issues?

  • Andrew

    In no particular order: late/no carrier updates, FCing apps, slow loading browsers/Facebook which then leads to weak radios. My androids have been: HTC Desire, Nexus S, Samsung SIIx HTC One V. Using the same carrier even with the 5 I have never had a faster phone

  • Vikram662

    Can you explain a little ore on this? I’m highly thinking of switching as I’m becoming increasingly bored with iOS (been on since 3G) and the S4 was going to be a serious choice for me. i won’t switch if the software can take advantage of the phone though…

  • mike

    I have the note 2 and its fantastic. Not a s8ngle issue other then my girlfriend always using it because she’s stuck with the iphone 5. The s3 is superior to the iphone 5 and the s4 will surely blow out the iphone 6