Samsung Says Ready to Copy Apple, Introduce 64-bit Chips in Galaxy Line

64-bit processor

Apple has announced the most forward-thinking smartphone, the iPhone 5s, which is the world’s first handset to include a 64-bit processor. This means two things: the iPhone has gained much more power, and secondly, the copycats have done their homework, and we are going to see some 64-bit smartphone processor announcements soon.

The first one is a given, while the second isn’t far behind: speaking with the Korea Times (via The Next Web), Samsung’s mobile business chief said the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy–branded smartphones will be more powerful and faster thanks to their 64-bit processing capacity.

“Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality,” Shin said, adding he followed the media coverage of Apple’s new iPhone.

The announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise: there is an ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung, with the latter copying Apple’s most successful products (smartphones and tablets). On the top of that, Samsung was also sued recently over failing to make an original vacuum cleaner (see Dyson lawsuit).

What do you think about the Samsung announcement?

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  • WestCoastStar

    Regardless if Android is going 64-bit, it will still lag as applications will become more complex and more computing intensive

  • jfmartel

    Copy? Really? 64 bits is just the next step into “evolution”.

  • Rudiger

    This is like saying that apple copied microsoft by using intel processors. 64-bit processors is the next thing they will push, apple just is first to release a device featuring one.

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    Wow. I’ve never seen such a piece of fanboy garbage. I’m officially done with this blog.

  • FragilityG4

    It’s the timing. Right after the 5s announcement Samsung announces they’ll do the same thing.

  • FragilityG4

    Yeah cause you’ll never see favourtisim in a fAndroid forum …

  • Chrome262

    It was always out there, why wait till now to announce if they were going to do it, as the next evolution. They could of easily do it for the S4, you know the phone that should be called the S3s lol. They really put out nothing new, its not surprising. Same thing with everything else they make, washers, vacuums, TV’s I am surprised though, I would think they would just make the screen bigger.

  • Chrome262

    Well, if they actually did a decent version of Linux in the first place than Android would already be 64-bit ready. But I suspect it won’t really be that difficult for them to implement. Saying that, you are right the app side will be harder to regulate so they will have to support both versions at the same time. Especially since most of the other phones with Android won’t be sporting 64 bit processors

  • Chrome262

    Why because he reported what Samsung actually said?

  • Chrome262

    And you could say Microsoft copied Apple for using power PC chips for the Xbox 360. The point being is not whether they are doing it, they will have to, (or I guess they could just add more cores like they have been doing), but they are doing it after the announcement. You know like “well so, next week I am doing it as well, so na”

  • HelloCDN

    Well, apparently you can’t even read, because the name of the blog is “iPhone for Canada”. You want Android? There’s “Android for Canada”.

  • Canucks

    It doesn’t matter. Even if Samsung releases it 6 months after, people will still say Samsung is the copycat. Nowadays, you can only be first and anyone behind is copy.

  • Chrome262

    They could of just waited till they released their new phone, by then someone else would of done it as well, if it is indeed the next evolution. And if it was anyone else by Samsung, then people would tend to believe it was the next step and everyone had to do it, but they made their own reputation, so its hard for people to believe they are not coping. Hell they copy washer tech from LG seriously.

  • Maxx

    Samsung saying they are putting 64 bit chips on their phones is not copying, they are just upgrading along with all the other phones that are made from the same manufacturers. I work at a Canadian apple store and I can tell you first hand most parts on Apple’s electronics are made by Samsung and other companies. They are not making anything new them self. Also, when bringing up Samsung being caught for patent stealing don’t forget to mention Apple copying Samsung and being caught for it other wise you sound bias. Apple does not make anything on their own, at least Samsung owns its own manufacturing factories. But don’t get me wrong in the end I sell Iphones for a living lol

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    Guess who actually manufactured that 64-bit chip… Hmmmm

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    Samsung didn’t say they’re ready to copy Apple. How ridiculous. And who do you think manufactures the 64-bit processor in the iPhone 5S?

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    You’re right. I guess this site is for poorly written articles by Apple fan boys. I’ll just get my new from 9to5mac and macrumors where most of the content on this blog is stolen from and mobilesyrup for Canadian content. Thanks!

  • Big Bad Mamoo

    So you’re as bad as the android fanboys. Good to know.

  • SuperSam64

    I’d even go so far as to say it’s like Microsoft copying Windows… being that Samsung is actually MAKING Apple’s 64 bit processors. How does one copy their own product? Just because Apple is *purchasing* the product Samsung is selling doesn’t make it theirs exclusively. If I go to the store and buy a bottle of Pepsi, I don’t suddenly own every bottle of Pepsi ever made from that point on. Not even if I was the FIRST person to ever buy a Pepsi. Because it’s still made by Pepsi, and they can sell it to whoever the **** they want, or even drink it themselves. Just like Samsung can use their own processors in their own devices. How could anyone accuse Samsung of copying in this scenario?

    Oh, wait… do the processors have rounded corners?

  • SuperSam64

    It’s ridiculous to say they didn’t put anything new in the S4. If you said they didn’t put anything *useful* in the S4 that would be a different argument, and one I wouldn’t be so quick to disagree with, but the reality is that one of the biggest complaints on the S4 is “feature spam” – meaning they added so many things it’s overwhelming, and not all the features are useful for everyone. Paired with the fact that almost every hardware component in the phone received a significant upgrade I fail to see any valid argument that they “put out nothing new”. Would I suggest upgrading to the S4 from the S3? In most cases, no, because many of the things that were added are not important to the vast majority. But to deny their existence is a fallacy.

  • TheBeeNet

    This article’s title is a little bit backwards. Samsung had made its intentions to add a 64bit processor in their smartphone back in October 2012. How is it they are copying Apple. Apple was not the first company to have a 64bit processors in a smartphone. Contrary to popular belief.