US Patent Office Validates All ‘Steve Jobs Patents’, Sends Blow to Samsung, Google


Steve Jobs patent reexamination certificate

Apple has scored a major strategic win against Samsung and Google: after re-examining the preliminarily invalidated massive “Steve Jobs” patent, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has ruled that all 20 claims of the patent are patentable.

The massive U.S. Patent No. 7,479,949 for a “touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for determining commands for applying heuristics”, is often referred as the Steve Jobs patent, because Apple’s co-founder is listed as the first of the long list of inventors on the patent.

The Steve Jobs patent was preliminarily invalidated last December, when, presumably, one of Apple’s competitors challenged it. But as Florian Müller of Foss Patents points out:

As we speak, the Steve Jobs patent is even stronger than it was before someone (presumably Samsung and Google) challenged it anonymously. On September 4, 2013, the USPTO issued a reexamination certificate confirming the patentability of all 20 claims because the prior art neither anticipated this invention nor renders it obvious.

Now that the USPTO has ruled that all 20 claims of the 364-page patent are patentable, Samsung has to put its creative mind to work, because this patent is one of those which needs to be worked around in order to avoid a US import ban ordered in August. The ban wasn’t vetoed by the Obama administration.

This has not been the only patent challenged for re-examination by Apple’s competitors in the past. Apple successfully fended off a re-examination threat to another key patent, the so-called rubber-banding patent. In the end, three of its claims were confirmed by the USPTO, including the one Apple successfully asserted against its main competitor Samsung.


  • Don

    Whooaaa Samsung………………Creative lmao that’s a joke right!! I wonder what they are going to do since they can’t copy Apple anymore.

  • Chrome262

    LOL as if they will stop.

  • Hidden

    Please don’t tell me that you think apple out of all the carriers is creative, don’t embarrass yourself like this. Going back to plain colors (ios7) and plastic perfection (iPhone 5c) creative? Really? If they spent 25% less time suing companies for having the ability to compete with them and actually redefined and improved their products they wouldn’t have to worry. But cockyness (Steve Jobs) comes at a price and people are tired of waiting for them. Btw here’s a few of apples android copies you might think was created by Apple. Panoramic camera software, notification bar (from the top of the page), task manager (both system based and Google based), folders (bet you didn’t expect that), tethering, use of camera light as flashlight and the list goes on. Their latest change? The ability to block an unwanted caller goodness is it 2010 already? The only new useful thing they created was the fingerprint scanner, not because it matters but because it adds a layer of security for the 80% of apple users who don’t bother setting up passwords, seriously apple needs to quit playing catch up and do something new.

  • Ricardo

    Really? and you really ask others to not embarrass themselves?
    1) Apple is not a carrier
    2) Going back to plain colours? what are you trying to say?
    3) Plastic perfection? Well, the iPhone 5C has a plastic cover, it’s Apple’s “cheap” model. the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung’s high end phone has a plastic cover. The colours you don’t like in IO7 had been chosen by 200 million users, 71% penetration less than a month after its launch, what’s the percentage of users running Ginger Bread?
    4) Agree or not, the iPhone 5C really is not a measure of Apple’s innovation, the 5S is, the 5C is the iPhone 5 made cheaper and easier to manufacture.
    5) Having the ability to compete? what has exactly Samsung done to innovate? the features of the S4 are laughable at best. Innovation for Samsung means make bigger and uglier phones.
    6) Cockiness (Steve Jobs) comes at a price? sure, making a company near bankrupt the most valuable company in the planet. And yes, I am sure the 9 million users that bought an iPhone 5S in the first weekend are really tired.
    7) Panoramic camera software wasn’t created by “Android” ignorance as it best, there were independent ios developers and the first big company to do it was Microsoft, not Google.
    8) And now the security expert, so a biometric sensor is for people who are too lazy to setup a password? sorry to break it up to you but passwords are a terrible way to manage security. For once, a password can be cracked in minutes, even if it is extremely complex, second, it’s difficult to type a long password on a phone every time you want to unlock it.
    9) I don’t know what you call innovation. Samsung innovates? like how? oh, you can take a picture with the front and back camera at the same time so you can make an inset of your own image, so important.

    I forgot, you can just look at the edge of the screen and the phone will droll, fortunately, it doesn’t work because it would be extremely annoying.

    And Motorola? came with a phone with a $500 docking station that obviously nobody wanted, and allowing to pick the colour of the phone is their idea of innovation.

  • lma0000

    It’s funny how you are embarrassing yourself due to your ignorance. All those features you mention (panoramic, notficiation, etc) were created by the developers who contributed to Jailbreak. I know for a fact that task manager was created by Big Boss through a tweak called SBSettings. Go ahead and look it up. In reality, all those features realized in Android are copies of features offered through Cydia. Only problem is that there are many people that think they know what they are talking about when in fact they are just an ignorant bunch who just learned about technology a year ago. Similar to those who say Apples OS is based on Linux (its based on UNIX FYI)