Bell and Telus Promo: Double the Data on Select Plans to 2GB and 6GB


Telus and Bell now join Rogers in having simultaneous double the data promos on select plans, bringing total data to 2GB and 6GB heading into the holidays.

Bell has the following plans with double the data:

Voice & Data Plus 85 and 105

Screenshot 2013 11 07 10 15 03 2

Screenshot 2013 11 07 10 15 12 2

Voice and Data Lite 75

Screenshot 2013 11 07 10 14 14 3

Telus SharePlus plans also see double the data on their $30 and $50 per month data options:

Screenshot 2013 11 07 10 13 35 2

All of these plans are essentially very similar: unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited SMS/MMS, caller ID, voicemail (lite versions), call waiting, conference calling etc.

All three carriers offered similar data promos back in mid-August. Meanwhile, their sub-brands Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo also have simultaneous data promo offers on nationwide plans as well.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on any of these!


  • Ryan

    This is not Competition!

    this is Follow the Leader!

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yeah, well now that the pig 3 don’t have to worry about any more threats from outside competition it is, has been, and always will be follow the leader. Status Quo for all!

  • DaveMcG

    Nice, jus knocked $15 a month off my bill. Was paying 45 for 2 gig under the old plans.

  • SJism

    Does anyone have a suggestion for which of the 3 I should join? Which carrier typically has the best add-ons or best reception, etc.? I have an unlocked iPhone 5s and would like to get on one of these plans.

  • Consider Fido or Koodo at $60/month Canada-wide with 2GB. Bring your own device gets 10% off. So $54/month.

  • SJism

    I did but it isn’t as good of a deal as $60 for 3 GB with Telus or Rogers (2 x $35 BYOD + $50 for 6 GB / month on shared plan).

  • Jason Reid

    Please, don’t go Rogers.They will charge you for a complete month of service when you leave, even after you port over your #. I was a rogers customer for 9 years and they would not forgo the charges. I had to file a complaint with the CCTS to get my $ back. Pain in the ass company. I’m with Telus now. No contract. They’re OK.

  • Jason Reid

    I took advantage of this “deal”. I’m with Telus and had a 6+1 gb data plan for $65 share-able with the wife. We are lucky to use 3gb a month so i downgraded to the 3+3 for $50. Saved $15 a month but lost a gb. Hey better in my pocket than theirs. Gone are the days when i had 6gb for $30 and only paid $25 for it from a rogers retention deal. Plus my wife had it as well. $50 for 12 gb seems like a better deal to me.

  • SkAshe

    With Koodo the 54$ covers the data price, but also the texting and voice plan while with Telus it’s 60$ for 6gb but you have to add a 35$ voice plan.

  • SJism

    My brother and I would be joining together with our own, unlocked iPhones. Therefore, it’s $50 (not $60) for 6 GB + $35 x 2 = $120/month. That’s $60/month each for 3 GB each. So really, it’s a better deal if I go the Telus/Rogers way. Although based on what the other poster said, I’ll probably be going with Telus. (I also hear that they have a more reliable network than Rogers.)

  • zaikatanox

    That’s a very good point. 60 bucks for 3 GB of data each, that’s hard to beat. It seems like a very good deal (at least for the current Canadian telco standard). Just make sure that you won’t have to sign a contract if you go BYOD.

  • zaikatanox

    You got actually got me thinking, I think the best way to get the most out of these plans would be to gang up with 3 or 4 of your friends, then get some of the higher tier share everything data.

    For example, the 15 GB plan, if you share it with 4 other people, then it would be 280 bucks per month, or 56 dollars each per person per month. That’s actually a very decent plan, especially for Canadian standard, and each of you has about 3 GB to burn every month.

    Minutes and messaging won’t be affected since they are unlimited.

    Can anybody point out to me the catch? Are there restrictions to share everything plan that I may not be aware of (such as the maximum number of people that can share the plan, etc)?

  • Coastal36

    Offer disappears when I select BC region.