Bell Crumbles to Public Pressure, Revises Usage-Based Billing As Election Looms


Looks like working together can make a difference. Bell has revised their controversial plan to implement usage-based billing (UBB) for their wholesale customers, such as TekSavvy. Here are Bell’s revised plans:

Instead BCE, which operates under the Bell brand, says it will aggregate the amount it charges wholesalers that lease bandwidth on its network based on the total amount of data they use. It will also lower the access fees it charges them to use its newest fiber network.

Bell will charge $200 CDN per TB, or $0.195 cents/GB to wholesalers.’s campaign appears to have had success. Canadians have spoken up against giant telcos, but the fight is not over:

“We’re pleased that Canadians will now have the option to use indie ISPs like Teksavvy and Acanac to access the unlimited Internet,” said’s Executive Director Steve Anderson. “This is a giant step forward for the Stop The Meter campaign, and a victory for those who support competition and choice in Canada’s Internet service market.”

With a Federal election around the corner, is Bell just trying to get out of the limelight?

[Reuters/MSN, thanks Stéphane!]


  • Bell et al. are still bastards but at least people will have the option of going to an alternate ISP and not being gouged quite so hard.

    Oh and isn’t $200/1TB = $200/2048GB = $0.098/1GB = 9.8 cents per GB, still well over the 1 or 2 cents per gig that it’s estimated to cost.

    It also means that Teksavvy’s 300GB cap puts them right at the edge of affordability (or profitability) since if I max out my bandwidth then I’m costing them a fair bit.

  • Jimbojones

    1TB != 2048GB. 1TB = 1024GB which equals $0.195 cents/GB.

  • Anonymous

    It’s still shit, overpriced and wrong. This is only marginally better, nothing worth even being excited about. Bell stick sucks, continue the fight.

    Keep in mind they are raising the base price tariffs. So for $32/mo you get 300GB with teksavvy now. That price is going up around $5/mo. To use $300GB it’ll be close to $100 in the end.

  • Anonymous

    Still expensive..
    300gb will be about $59/month

    About $20-$30 more per month than what Teksavvy is currently charging. Nice try Bell, but you didn’t back down at all. Just repackaged your UBB into something else called AVP (Aggregate Volume Pricing)

  • Gath

    “$0.195 cents” is kind of confusing. “0.195 cents” is less than a cent, “$0.195” is 19.5 cents. Maybe I’m just being picky.

    I wonder what this will do to pricing for the little guys? Like people have said already, 19 cents per gigabyte still works out to ~$60 for 300GB. Looks like Bell just wants to get prices to mach knowing that regular people wont understand/want the extra download cap and see no benefit from switching.