Bell’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Pre-Orders Will Go Live on Sept.12


When Apple announced its unlocked iPhone 6 pricing, it also announced Rogers, Telus, Bell, MTS and Sasktel would officially be carrying the device. TELUS already told us their pre-order registration page is currently live, but what about other carriers?

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After reaching out to Bell, the company confirmed their pre-order page will go live on September 12, the same day Apple will launch iPhone 6 pre-orders online (which also includes in-store pick up for Canadians). A company spokesperson told us “The page will be live in time for customers to start ordering on Sept. 12.”

So, if you are looking to renew or sign a two-year iPhone 6 contract, pre-orders for Bell will begin this Friday. No word as of yet on what contract pricing will be, but we expect it to be more expensive than last year’s iPhone 5s based on the bump in unlocked pricing.



  • Shaun

    And Rogers?

  • Nothing yet, but expect it to be the same as the others, as always.

  • Tim

    No way I’m buying this through a carrier. Unlocked all the way.

  • Anthony

    I haven’t heard anything about fido, Virgin, Koodo. Any word on them yet?

  • Riley Freeman

    the price difference between u.s. and canada is CRIMINAL $120 more? thats insane

  • Eric

    So will it be $249, $349, $449 for iPhone 6 w contract?
    $349, $449, $549 for iPhone 6+ w contract?

  • ????Dennis

    Hey Gary, I just jumped on that $65 Fido “smart” plan 😉

    Not familiar with Fido and the iPhone… Do they offer the iPhone on pre-order as well?

  • DoctorT

    You can blame the exchange rate for that 😐

  • erth

    i know this thread is about the carriers, but does anyone know what time apple’s pre order web site goes live on friday?

  • Midnight PST and 3am EDT

  • HajiDiRobertis

    Thats not the Exchange… they are taking an extra 5-6%… cash grab just like the car companies.

  • OliChabot

    Well that is not THAT bad, what would they look like if they were charging US more than Canadians ? The 5-6% is probably to make sure they still get the same ammount of money weither the US$ worth even more in one year.

  • Al

    Think it’ll be 3am on Bell’s website also?

  • Not sure, but the Big 3 will probably launch around the same time.

  • HajiDiRobertis

    I don;t think you understand the exchange… The product is 15-17% more in Canada… the exchange rate is anyhwere from 9-11% over the past 6 months… in other words they are charging an additional 5-6% to Canadians. As someone who negotiates and imports for a living the goods are shipped from the same place (China) directly to the country in questions distribution centre. The only difference in landing the goods is the exchange rate. The bottom line is they are taking an extra chunck… because they can.

  • Bryan Simmons

    I just spoke with a Bell rep, 16gb iPhone 6 will be $259.95. My only issue, and it might affect others too, is that if I want to upgrade ill have to change my plan

  • Generalissimo_S

    They have a pretty good retention plan available right now. I just renewed for it. $75 for 6 GB, 550 minutes outgoing/unlimited incoming. Not the greatest, but pretty good for a premier device on the Big Three.