Bell Texts OpenMedia Supporter for Feedback, Gets Honest Response [PIC]


It appears Bell has been texting its customers asking for feedback, asking how likely they would recommend the company based on “overall experience” with their services. The scale was from one to five, with one being “Not at all” and five being “Definitely”.

When one supporter of OpenMedia, the non-profit group dedicated to “keep the Internet open, affordable, & surveillance-free,” responded with a dismal ‘one’ rating, the Bell bot or human responded “Is there anything we can do to make your experience better?”

That’s when the OpenMedia supporter said “Not be an oligopolistic exploiter of a captive audience. Be chill with MNVOs. Support a subsidy pool for rural broadband. Not buy MTS.” Ouch.

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Despite this response, the most likely automated responder just said “Thank you for your feedback.”

Earlier today, the Competition Bureau announced Bell had settled an unwanted premium text lawsuit, which will see the company pay back up to $11.82 million to Canadians.

You have to love it when Canadians get all polite, even when giving brutally honest feedback.


  • mrideas

    Interesting. On a totally separate train of thought…so ya what’s with the new adult ummmm dating site ads….Just had an ad from Get Naughty appear lol. Not that I really care one way or the other was a bit surprising to see here though 😉

  • Hmm…we don’t have anything like that being pushed to readers, could be just the ad networks targeting…

  • mrideas

    Lol I didn’t think you would! That’s hilarious. Definitely targeting the wrong guy!!

  • Jacques

    This is why whitelisting just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  • hlna55

    And in truth, If more than 5 people visiting this site have read that message, that will be 5 more than Bell people that will actually read it.

    The data will more likely than not be collected based on numbers alone and then 50% of the 1s and 5s will be removed and a median overall satisfaction statistic will be produced.

  • Bob Zmuda

    Someone’s been on some naughty sites. 😉

  • Peter Pottinger

    Its called remarkting and only displays if you have history of browsing that website soooo better check your browsing history, and p.s. use incognito next time.