Bell Launches Tri-Band LTE Advanced Network, First in North America


Bell has announced today it has launched its tri-band LTE Advanced (LTE-A) wireless network, capable of bringing download speeds of 290 Mbps. The network has launched in Halifax, Hamilton, Oakville and Toronto, which the carrier touts new owners of today’s announced Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5 can take advantage of.

Blaik Kirby, President of Bell Mobility, said in a statement “Tri-band LTE-A is a turbo boost for data-intensive activities such as streaming HD video, playing graphics-intense multiplayer games, or downloading large business files.”

Further expansion of the tri-band LTE-A network will continue in the future. Bell says its LTE network is now the largest in Canada, offering coverage for 93 percent of the population. Back in February, the company debuted its LTE-A network, capable of 220 Mbps (but in reality gives an average of 12-60 Mbps), now available in over 40 cities nationwide.

Bell tells the Financial Post three bands of spectrum—PCS, AWS and 700 MHz—were combined for their tri-band LTE-A network, which customers can expect average download speeds of 12 to 87 Mbps.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus uses Qualcomm’s MDM9625M LTE modem, capable of max 150 Mbps download speeds. It’ll be interesting to see if the expected ‘iPhone 6s’ coming in September will include a faster LTE modem to take advantage of increased network speeds.


  • Oooo! I just switched to bell about a month or 2 ago. Makes me curious if the next iPhone will have proper support as the article says. 😀

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’m all for faster speeds, but are people actually utilizing this on their smartphones?
    HD streaming? Graphics intensive multiplayer games? downloading large files?

  • raslucas

    If you were to actually take advantage of those speeds, your data bill would go over so quick, it’s pointless to even think about it. If you were able to take advantage of that speed, in half an hour you would have used over 1 GB…. They should offer a wider gradient of data plans. I guess you could pay 105$ a month for 15GB, ( That’s without the mandatory voice plan though). I really think the race to fastest speeds should just stop. It’s irrelevant.

  • Salinger

    Agree, it’s just a gimmick to point to and make excuses when people complain about how high wireless costs are.

    How many people would be more than satisfied with a 20Mbps connection if it meant having a 10 GB data bucket? A lot more than are looking for a 290Mbps connection with a 1 GB bucket I can guarantee you!

  • Salinger

    Excellent! So now, you can stream a movie in full HD on your phone! …except, for many Canadians, that means they’ll only be able to watch the first 20-30 minutes before they’ll exceed their meagre data limit.

  • Fiddlesticks

    I don’t understand the obsession with faster speeds. LTE nowadays is more than enough. No point of having “faster speeds” and LTE-A when most people still have a mediocre 500MB or 1GB data limit. If I actually used my phone like Bell mentioned “watching HD video, playing graphics-intense multiplayer games, downloading large files”, I’d be closer to 30GB by the end of month. HA. Only $280/month for that. EH? LOL

  • Data overages are too easy when the network is blazing and your data bucket is peanuts :/

  • ticky13

    And that’s the whole point of increasing speed. You either pay more for a higher data limit or you pay in overages.