Bell’s Unlocking Policy Changes, Now $50 for your iPhone [DETAILS]


Bell has launched a new two-tier unlocking policy which has gone live as of September 16. First noted over at Howard Forums, the price to unlock a cellphone or smartphone has dropped from $75 to now $50, after 90 days. But the policy also changes for those with accounts with credit deposits or spending caps–it’ll cost you $150 after 90 days.

To summarize the new unlocking policy:

  • If you own a subsidized Bell phone, must be 90 days into term to unlock and pay $50
  • If you own a phone on prepaid, outright, or have a Bell employee account you can unlock immediately for $50
  • If you have a credit limit or restriction on your account (i.e. paid a deposit or have an existing spending cap), you wait 90 days and pay $150 to unlock, regardless of how you purchased your phone
  • Applies to all Bell phones, iPhone, turbo sticks, hubs and iPads. Tablets and hotspots can’t be unlocked.
  • Effective as of September 16, 2013
If you own a Bell iPhone, as long as you are 90 days into your term, you can now call in and get your phone unlocked for $50 (if the customer service rep has no idea about this policy, hang up and call again).
You will be instructed to restore your iPhone within iTunes for the unlock to work, however one Howard Forums member just put in a different carrier SIM card and the phone unlocked, saving time.

The policy was seen earlier by iPhoneinCanada reader @acerace113:

Rogers currently charges $50 to unlock after 90 days, while TELUS is $35 after the same timeframe. Let us know if you’re able to get your iPhone unlocked with this new policy!

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  • Chrome262

    What?? bell actually lowering a price, there must be a catch

  • Jesse

    Time to get my gf’s iPhone unlocked for 25 bucks less now… hahah (assuming that its the same for Virgin mobile since they own them..)

  • Al

    I think they are on a campaign to offer inconsequential price breaks (things that consumers won’t use much and/or that don’t cost Bell anything) in order to “appear” to the public that they are making strides in offering better pricing.

    If they did something like that with data, THEN it would be note worthy.

  • It’s sad that they’re allowed to hold our phones hostage even after we’ve already paid for them. My next phone is going to be factory-unlocked Android.

  • John

    50 for virgin too, just got mine unlocked couple days ago.

  • Rajan

    how can i unlock my i phone 4 having bell carrier

  • Alma

    yesterday Virgin unlock my two iPhone , iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S I’m really happy so my family in the Philippines can use it there I payed $50.00 dollars in every iphone after one min. my phone unlock right . Thank you Virgin

  • Alex

    I have terminated my contract from Virgin 2 weeks ago and and travelling to Australia next week so Im hoping they can unlock my iphone 5 for me – ill be calling in tomorrow.

  • goto officialimeiunlock[dot]com to unlock iphone bell for $120 only

  • Havoc

    I got iPhone from a friend, it is with Bell lock. I dont know history of the phone (how it was buyed, prepaid or else) How much do i have to pay for unlock?

  • Matt

    Can you explain the legalities to this? If I purchase a product, does that not imply I have sole ownership and all proprietary rights to that product? Once my phone is paid off according to the contract, and my term has ended, if I cancel my account with Bell should my iPhone not immediately be unlocked? Otherwise, does it not imply a level of joint ownership of the product regardless of how long I own it or continue to pay a related service with the provider?

  • Tay Ruong

    Has anyone actually succeeded in getting Bell to unlock a phone? Having a policy is one thing, but if you can’t get through to anyone who will give you the code …

  • Joleen Anne LeChasseur

    How do you get this done. My daughter bought a bell phone not knowing it would cost to get it unlocked. She spent all her money and we are trying to help her figure this out.

  • John

    My contract already expired but Bell still want to charge me $50 to unlock my iPhone 4. Is that legal? Thank you.

  • Aasen

    Found a really good site for unlocking AT&T stuff, the site is attiphoneunlocking, they can unlock all AT&T devices under 2 hours

  • richard

    It’s probably legal, or they would not charge the fee. It is, however, completely unreasonable and SHOULD be illegal. I am in the same situation as you and I managed to get Bell to unlock my phone for free but not without a fight. Customer Service, to Tech Specialist back to Customer Service, escalate to supervisor, then to the Loyalty Team. I still have to pay the fee to get the phone unlocked using a credit card, but they applied a credit to my account. So technically, they can say they still charged me for the unlock.

    Instead of rejoicing that the fee has been lowered, people need to complain and speak up and refuse to pay for this fee. It’s equivalent of a paying a ransom to hostages.

  • Ikid

    Can I borrow ur account info to unlock mine please

  • Z Odbuster

    I love the line .. if the customer service rep doesn’t know how to do this, hang up..
    I have found that is the best solution to most problems on the Bell system…
    moving on

  • poopface

    im wondering that too. Were in the same situation my friend. I have an iPhone 5C (pinkyy)

  • Ross

    Direct number is 1-877-543-2064

  • raja

    Raja nazir ahmad

    I got iPhone from a friend, it is with Bell lock. I dont know history of the phone (how it was buyed, prepaid or else) How much do i have to pay for unlock?

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  • Tony

    How and where? Thx

  • MeeowMeeow

    I have three questions… 1. The article above says that if you just change the sim card it automatically unlocks. Am I understanding that correctly?? 2. Sorry for sounding like a dummy but when an iphone is unlocked, doesn’t that mean that you can no longer get IOS updates? 3. Can you switch between two sim cards if you travel? We are exploring that at work. I have to set someone up at work, so hope someone will answer me. Thanking you in advance….

  • Ishaq

    I have an iphone that is now out of contract with bell and I was using a sim card with in Africa Ghana but right after updating the phone I can not anymore use the sim card asking for ee activatuing again whyy

  • joey franzuela

    I’ve called 4 times *611 for bell nothing happened.. i disappointed

  • joey franzuela

    they said dial #1-877-543-2064 and then nothing happens..
    i called for the last time i want to cut my contract they don’t want either
    bell is worse

  • joey

    this bell is worse…

  • joey

    this number is worse 7days keep dialing nothing happen..

  • joey

    same with me.. im very much upset this bell

  • joey

    this is too much

  • joey

    absolutely… same concern

  • Cindy Meloche

    My Mom passed and I was given her Bell Iphone which my Mom had paid in full up front. Now they want $110 for an Unlock of the Iphone even though I have a One Number Bell account due to the fact I do not have a Mobility linked to my Bell One Account. Even when I called I was passed around like hot potato to avoid getting the poor review. That is the way of Bell Service and the Illusive Royality Representative was never connected to.

  • J mas

    this just proves how greedy Bell can be… Rogers, Virgin and all others will follow! Why not, its free money!

  • Michael Hume

    I paid 75 to unlock my deceased father’s Blackberry z10, and Bell gave me a bad MEP. Furthermore, I’ve been told that I may have to wait as long as a week until they “call me back.” I feel like I should be credited for this injustice.