Saskatchewan Premier: Positives in Verizon, Says SaskTel Will “Compete”


Brad wall

Premier Brad Wall via Liam Richards/The Canadian Press

News Talk 980 CJME reports Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall sees positives in talks of Verizon expanding to Canada, as competition will help lower prices for residents:

“(The people of Saskatchewan) want to see lower cell costs and so to the extent competition can help,”

Unlike incumbent players Rogers, Telus and Bell which have been outspoken against Ottawa’s plans to encourage foreign competition, Wall says it’s too early to tell to make any judgments. He does reiterate tough competition isn’t new for SaskTel, as he says the crown corporation sets itself apart from competition with provincial pride:

“The people of Saskatchewan obviously like this company and understand its importance to the province,” he said. “They (Sasktel) are going to compete.”

SaskTel offers an unlimited talk, text and data plan (10GB data under Fair Use Policy limits) for $65 per month (voicemail is $10 extra) for its customers, which have access to an expanding LTE network and the iPhone 5.

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The Premier also made it clear the province has no plans to sell SaskTel if Verizon does come to town, as he intends to keep previous campaign promises. Prime Minister Harper yesterday echoed the Canadian wireless marketplace could use more competition and said the spectrum auction will continue as planned.


  • John

    I’m from Saskatchewan. SaskTel was the best phone company I’ve ever had. They’re the only company that has ever called me randomly just to say that they were going to lower my bill without any attempt to up sell another product.

  • Nice. SaskTel sounds pretty awesome.

  • stuck with the big 3

    come on over to ontario, sasktel 🙁

  • Chrome262

    Why can’t they come to Ontario or other provinces? is it because of their mandate?

  • Chrome262

    we wouldn’t have to beg for competition if there were more companies like this in other provinces

  • Hidden

    Tough talk from a carrier that refuses to expand outside Saskatchewan. How about you start by competing with the rest of Canada before talking shit.

  • chris

    unlimited talk, txt and 10gb data for $65!? that’s unheard of here in Toronto; usually a 10gb plan would be an add-on for $65.