Forum Research Poll: Canadians Want Wireless Competition


The majority of Canadians (57%) would love to see Verizon and other US mobile carriers entering the local mobile market. Also, Canadians believe that allowing Verizon or any other US carrier to operate here, would lead to lower rates (68%), but still, two-thirds (65%) agree Verizon should not be favoured in the forthcoming wireless spectrum auction, a recently published Forum Research poll reads, as cited by the Globe and Mail.

This is the second scientific report the incumbents like to cite. The first one, commissioned by Bell and Telus, found that 61% of Canadians say Verizon should not be favoured. With the second, the Forum Research study, this number reached 66%.

“Canadians favour some outside competition in the mobile communications market. As long as new entrants are required to compete on a level playing field with Canadian carriers, Canadians see only upside in Verizon offering their services here,” said Forum Research President, Dr. Lorne Bozinoff.

Since there were discrepancies between the study commissioned by the incumbents and another unscientific one found on the Star’s website, we have decided to conduct our own, unscientific survey. And the results speak for themselves: the vast majority of those who answered our poll would switch to Verizon.

switch verizon

Here are the findings: 74% would switch to Verizon; 29% of the voters would favour the red US carrier in the upcoming wireless spectrum auction, while another 32% believe newer entrants (such as Mobilicity, WIND, etc.) should be favoured. Only a small percentage of our readers would favour Rogers, Telus, and Bell: 2%.

Of the 1045 voters, 36% (376) believe nobody should be favoured.

spectrum auction

Our results stand in contrast to the Forum Research survey, which claims 65% of Canadians say they didn’t think any foreign company should be given preferential access to the spectrum.


  • Jake

    If no one is favoured, then the big 3 keep buying out all the little guys.

  • Chrome262

    yeah, I think its not always clear to people what has been done, and what “favored” actually means. I think if they knew that Wind and others who are small and will bid will also be “favored” They should know that those who already have a large percentage of spectrum will not have as many chances to buy the new spectrum. I don’t think Favored is a good term. But its what the big 3 used, so I guess you have to go for it.

  • Sandman

    The one thing I would have liked to see is option 1 and 2 combined which would account for 61.82%. We are really talking about the Big 3 vs. everyone else.

  • WestCoastStar

    US plans and rates aren’t that great. Wifi personal hotspot or bluetooth tethering is an extra fee. Mot sure they’ll that much more competitive.

  • Chrome262

    LOL they just called me tonight. asked me similar questions, but where pretty limited on the responses, you couldn’t elaborate. I basically said that verizon should be favored or any new entrant.

  • ward09

    I’m starting to believe that they should just set a flat rate for the spectrum licences and then dole it out annually proportional to the customers you have. If spectrum is so valuable, the big three shouldn’t be able to strategically shut out new entrants. As long and the public is compensated, any company willing to invest in the Canadian market should have the chance to try to build a network.