OpenSignal Data Reveals Canada’s Fastest LTE Network


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After collecting data through its app from 325,221 LTE users in 124 countries, OpenSignal has published a report that analyzes the state of the LTE age. As it turns out, Canada’s wireless network with the fastest average speed belongs to Videotron at 21 Mbps. That compares to the maximum of 18 Mbps for its national rivals.

Telus, Bell, and Rogers shared the same spot with 18 Mbps average download speeds. There is a slight difference in terms of LTE network coverage: while Bell and Telus both cover 66% of the population, Rogers tops them at 75%. Sasktel had a 17 Mbps average download speed measured by OpenSignal users.

While you may be satisfied with the download speed provided by your carrier, it is worth taking a look at how Canadian LTE download speeds rank compared to the rest of the world, as revealed by OpenSignal’s data.

As it turns out, New Zealand takes the top spot with an average of 36 Mbps, followed by Singapore at 33 Mbps and Romania at 30 Mbps. Canada ranks only 12th on the list, just below Finland, with its 17 Mbps average LTE download speed.

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After crunching through all the data it collected during the third quarter of 2015, OpenSignal concluded that South Korea’s operators performed the best overall, all offering average download speeds of over 25 Mbps and near-ubiquitous 4G coverage.


  • McNucklefuts

    Huh… so New Zealand beats us, and yet we pay out the nose because we ‘have the best networks in the world’

  • We’re so lucky!

  • McNucklefuts

    I was thinking so too!

  • McNucklefuts

    So why is it that Koodo has more coverage, but slower speed, than Telus??

  • Zeke

    “Telus, Bell and Rogers shared the same spot with 18mnps”. Same speed, same pricing, same everything. (Eye roll).

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Canada’s Pig3’s motto “Less for more”

  • Speed does not equal reliability.