Ottawa Debuts ‘More Choices’ Website to ‘Cut through the noise’ of Big 3


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The Federal government has launched a new website dedicated to stating the facts on the state of our wireless industry, in an attempt to convey a clear message to consumers currently being bombarded by the PR campaign by incumbents.

Industry Minister James Moore announced the site from his Twitter account, known as “”; it actually redirects to a section on the Industry Canada web page.

Visitors will see a message which says “The Canadian government’s wireless policy is clear. More choice. Lower prices. Better service.” Below this is a series of four slides which aims to educate Canadian consumers on the current state of wireless networks:

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A section below these slides is titled “Cut through the noise,” essentially an attempt to reply to the rhetoric being spread in ad campaigns by Rogers, Telus and Bell about what would happen if Verizon comes to town:

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This new wireless landing page is in addition to the website, launched back when Minister Moore embarked on a cross-country speaking tour to reiterate the government’s message.

Yesterday, the Conservative government sent out an email update to those who signed up at, to note the “government will not back down” against Rogers, Telus and Bell. It appears Ottawa has ramped up its efforts to defend itself from incumbent PR attacks, which claim existing wireless spectrum rules are unfair and favour foreign companies like Verizon.


  • Chad Smith

    Sorry but I’d trust the “Big 3” before I take anything the Federal Government has to say at face value. Every politician lives only to screw their constituency as hard and as often as they can. An honest politician is more rare than a unicorn.

  • K3

    Had been so with you, up until the part where you mention actually believing in unicorns.

  • Stéphane Lachance

    You know, despite my personal opinion regarding the Conservatives, I’m totally on board with. I think their plan genuinely can help Canadian phone bills. It might not be fool-proof and they might have ulterior motives but it is possible that this will work out well.

  • ExTechDude123

    It’s very funny that the big 3 talk so much about Canadian jobs lost. I used to work for Virgin Mobile Canada, and they just laid off the tech support staff in the offices in Toronto and PEI. The rumor was those jobs were going to the centre they have in the Phillipines.

  • Chrome262

    You don’t have to believe them, believe the complaints, surveys, as well as the stats published. Do the research on your own. The government is not saying anything different then what we have notices for years. And why would you trust companies that don’t care about you only about the cash. While the government was elected by you to protect your interests. Not saying they are perfect, but compared to a huge company, that wouldn’t think twice about you other then your potential revenue for them, I would take the government. And I am almost an Anarchist compared to most people.

  • Chrome262

    Maybe thats who he uses for his Cellular Carrier, Unicorn “because its not roaming if you don’t believe in it” lol

  • Chrome262

    Its actually pretty well designed for the government

  • FragilityG4

    Yeah because the Stupid Three care about consumers before shareholders and huge profits …..

  • hub2

    How about not taking either at face value, do your due diligence and investigate the facts behind the rhetoric?

    What we have here are 3 supposed telecom competitors who went on the offensive first, and a conservative, pro-big-business government preventing their bidding on a lucrative market. Unions are backing the mega-corps they despise, and the government is making moves that favour consumers over corporations.

    The traditional battle lines and allegiances are all shot to hell. Anyone who blindly throws their support for (or disdain against) their usual parties in this furball, whether it’s liberal vs conservative, government/bureaucracy, or the telecom oligopoly), without actually digging deeper, is a short-sighted fool.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Look, I’m no fan of politicians BUT I can vote them out for various reasons in any given election. We can bitch and moan all we want about politicians but one things for sure about politicians vs.the big 3. We’re stuck with the big 3.

  • Al

    “Every politician lives only to screw their constituency as hard and as often as they can.”

    That’s a very sad and delusional statement. Many politians are self-serving, but if you use your brain to think for yourself, you can see when such times can benefit you as well. IOW, politians want to get re-elected, so they need to do at least some good. It’s those times when you take advantage of such situations.

  • Mr. Mac

    I can’t believe the government is really standing up to the big 3! Wow! Thank you!!! I’m so tired of paying so much money to the big three whenever I visit my homeland, Canada. I’m not sure that Verizon is the answer though because it is also publicly traded and publicly traded companies answer to shareholders which is why they always have the highest rates. We need more companies like Wind Mobile. I currently live in Spain which also has its big three publicly traded ripoff carriers Vodafone, Orange and Telefonica/Movistar. They charge the same rates as the big three in Canada. Spain does however have non-publicly traded companies like Pepephone who charge me 6.90 eur/month for 800MB of data and 0.6c/min calling. Somehow, they are able to use Vodafone’s coverage to do that. This is what companies like Wind Mobile need to be able to do in Canada. My bill in Spain rarely exceeds 12euro, however I do also own my phone. I have to pay $50 to get data for a month on the big 3 in Canada when I’m home to visit, which is almost five months of bills for me in Spain!

  • Farids

    I agree with your core opinion. But what I see in this specific scenario may be, one of the Big 3 screwed up a politician’s account and their customer service ignored his demands, and he wants to rage war for payback. The fact is, with this war starting the way it does(all the negative advertising the Big3 are running), Verizon is going enter the Canadian market with a grudge against the Big3. And that logically means lower prices. The government makes its usual cut out of the taxes. The taxes maybe lower per subscriber, but the number of subscribers will grow and the cell market will be more branched, live and active. That’d mean more taxable items. So, the tax money is collected, government gets credited for creating new jobs and siding with people against the tyrant Big3 and that is an almost a sure guarantee for a majority government in the next elections. So, I believe the politicians have a stake in this rare occasion of siding with the people.

  • Midget

    Thank goodness the government is standing up to these three companies.
    Competition is good for everyone especially consumers. I am so tired of
    large companies trying to dictate who we can buy from and then giving
    terrible service. You cannot get a human on the phone unless you sit and
    wait for a good 30 minutes. I left my name and phone number once and
    nobody returned my call. I pay for service but if I go upstairs my computer
    and iPad drops off service. I have to come downstairs to connect again.
    The attitude of most technicians needs improvement. They can’t seem to
    wait to leave even when you explain the service is bad. I am so sick of the
    service here. It doesn’t matter which provider I get they all give terrible service.
    It seems all of them are only concerned with getting your money but not giving
    good programs. I believe we should be able to select our own channels. All
    I seem to get is news channels. The only channel that gives me enjoyment is
    Chanel 5 which is paid TV.

  • paul from alberta

    talk is cheap believe it when I see it remember there is an election coming

  • David Gorringe

    When is the Government going to correct the situation in regards to the Canadian people being gouged by Wireless companies and the cable TV packaging of channels? Being Canadian I have NO issue paying for French Language channels but being forced to pay for a NONE Official language of Canada channels I have a big problem with.
    It is so much cheaper if you go to the the US larges retailer in the US and pay a monthly fee for unlimited Long Distance for all of North America then it is to get wireless service from a Canadian Carrier. This is offered with out a contract but you pay only for 1 month at a time
    There is a cost for our services that we cherish in Canada but Gouging by companies should not be one of them.
    But I guess we need to accept when we know the political leaning of Canada’s largest Wireless network.
    Sounds like we have two politically motivated groups scratching each others backs.

    Government of Canada it is time do do something.

  • salt


  • salt

    My enemies enemy is my best friend?

  • carmen

    It’s about time that the government does something for the consumer. The big 3 monopolize the air waves making the consumer pay too much. Bring on the competition we welcome that competition. We as consumer pay too much already.

  • wayne

    wayne its time for better rural service and lower rates go government

  • Hawk

    Obviously, don’t give anymore to the big companies. Then insist that new players offer Candians an outstanding deal that will force the big companies to offer the same type of deals or get out of the market. Enough is enough. The Conservative Government either supports Canadians or Big Cell Phone Companies. Which is it. Time to put up, or get out of office.

  • dave crane

    its all about the one percenters and new world order wake everyone we need more competetors I want to pick out the 6 channels I watch and pay 4 just those channels right now I pay 155 a month for the 6 channels I watch what a rip of its not funny please sort these big companys from ripping me of I cant afford it any more

  • Rye Olaf

    Strange how Canadians constantly bitch and whine about the government while ignoring the fact that Canada is one of the best countries in the world.. Google any survey and Canada is always lauded and placed high on any list of first world countries.. A country’s state of affairs reflects how it is being governed, so what the hell is going on with all those surveys.????

  • Another fed up Canadian

    I encourage the Government to act not just talk!!!!! Canadians are getting ripped off by these 3 Wireless Companies that don’t dare about the consumer. Their only concern is $$$$$$$ in simply terms Giddy Up Ottawa act fast and act now

  • tundra09

    Canada has 26,543,780 cell phones with a
    population of 34,466,423.

    To get a holistic picture of the cost of a cell
    phone service, it is necessary to look at the total cost of all three services:
    voice, text and data. We will arrive at the final cost to the consumer by
    looking at the sum of the minimum monthly cost of each of the best available
    postpaid voice, text and data plans.

    Canadian consumers pay our wireless
    suppliers an average of;

    1.8 BILLION dollars per month.
    That’ 21.6 BILLION dollars per year!
    I AM!

  • MEL


  • mel mcdonald

    It is absolutely wrong that the federal government is spending 9 million of tax payers money to come down on three successful Canadian companies. I have a home phone and two cell phones. I may be paying high phone bills compared to other countries but I have no problem with the service Telus provides me with. I don’t want the federal government backing Verison or any other foreign company against our Canadian companies. They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the French company Bombardier alive over the last 20 years and no tax payer ever says a word but when they come down on three very successful companies you think it is just wonderful. Open your eyes people.

  • Kirby

    You have no idea how the economy works do you? Oligopolies have very little benefit to society. They are both allocatively and productively inefficeint resulting in less being produced with a higher price. This is great for the big 3 but awful for the rest of Canada. Government intervention may be able to create a monopolisticly competitive market which would lower prices be, be more efficient, increase the number of employees and the big 3 would still even be able to keep a profit. Open your eyes.

  • livin in the sticks Alberta

    Until someone other than the big three gain service in places other than big cities youll never get anywhere. If I could have service AND cheaper cell bills I would already have switched over.

  • simmers

    For what we pay for our home phones, our cell phones, and our TV, you would think it would be a little cheaper, but no, we just have to let ma bell make a tidy ”BUNDEL” ….I for one am tired of paying through the nose, for services available south of the Border…at a fraction of the price….soon it will come down to communication, or food…

  • Rick

    I have never understood why or what Sasktels “system access fee” was I ve never received a clear answer or understand the gouging. Sasktel over sells hand sets and never upgrades the access fast enough. I have phone coverage but data is poor for what I pay and having unlimited data is misleading as its 10 gigs then your throttled down. So its not clear and they keep advertising unlimited data. I pay $75 a month for this garbage. I have no options as Sasktel owns all the towers and the others lease data on them. Except Rogers.

  • Smiley

    Exactly why I am leaving Virgin, because if I need support I cannot understand a word they say, I think it is a shame that they get our jobs and it hurts the person who has lost their job and the customers 🙁