Here are the Latest Newspaper Ads from Rogers, TELUS and Bell vs Verizon [PIC]

The Big Three have invested a tremendous amount of money into ad campaigns to convince you that if Verizon comes into Canada, Bell, Rogers, and Telus will be at a disadvantage in their own country. A new wave of newspaper ads that appeared in two Vancouver newspapers and a national paper once again highlight why they are making such a big deal over the forthcoming wireless auction (via News1130).

big three ad

The ad reads:

“Why are we making such a big deal over the upcoming wireless auction?

It’s not because we are afraid of competition. It’s because we actually care about wireless service in Canada.”

But they don’t stop here: Bell has published a recently conducted poll (commissioned by Bell and Telus) which suggests that 81% of Canadians don’t want to give an unfair advantage to deep-pocketed foreign companies such as Verizon.

But since the scientific polls can be skewed at will, we are conducting our own survey.

“[Canadian telecom companies] were supportive of the policy when we first announced it. It’s only because Verizon has made noises about possibly coming into Canada that the anxiety has arisen,” Industry Minister James Moore said earlier this week.

The Harper government is after creating a more competitive wireless market, and they would support any foreign telecom company — such as Verizon — by offering them the opportunity to bid for two blocks of spectrum during the forthcoming wireless auction due in January.