Fido Promo: Cellular 32GB iPad Air 2 for $439 ($200 Off)


Last week we told you about the ongoing Fido promo for tablet data, which right now offers 3GB for $15 per month, plus a free LG G III Tablet (MSRP $240). Part of the promo also includes a deal on the iPad Air 2, which is now being advertised on Fido’s promotions page.

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Up for grabs is a 32GB cellular iPad Air 2, which currently retails from Apple for $639. However, Fido is offering it for $200 off at $439 as their no-term price, or $0 on a monthly Easy Pay plan ($18.29/month for 24 months).

If you sign up with Fido for the iPad Air 2 offer, and decide to change your mind the next day, you’ll just need pay off the balance of $439. Fido does charge a one-time $15 transaction fee for activating your tablet plan, however some dealers like Best Buy may waive the fee.

Some people could theoretically sign up for the tablet promo and get the LG G III tablet for free, then sell it for around $200 (there’s now a glut) on Craigslist or Kijiji. With the sale of the tablet, you could then apply it to the purchase of an iPad Air 2 either from Fido again (maybe through a spouse’s cancelled account?), taking the price down another couple hundred bucks.

On a side note, the refurbished entry level 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Air 2 has dropped in price by $10. Back in the spring, it was available for $419, but now it’s listed as $409. The Fido offer is just $30 more and offers cellular connectivity and 32GB of storage for a new device, which is a better deal.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

Thanks Will Lew


  • GaDgEtMoN

    There seems to be one caveat in the “(+) See Full Details” section of the promo. It reads as follows;
    Offer available until January 3, 2017, while quantities last, and subject to change without notice. A one-time $15 transaction fee applies for the processing of your tablet plan activation. Taxes extra.
    1. On approved credit with 24-month Device Financing Agreement (or with purchase at full no-term price) on $15 3GB/mo tablet data plan added to an eligible Fido postpaid mobile plan (data-only, Fido Home Phone and prepaid plans not eligible).
    2. Additional data: $10/GB, charged in $10 increments.

    It would seem you need to have a postpaid mobile plan in order to qualify for this offer.

  • Hmm…interesting, unless they added this recently. Most were able to just go and start a new account and get the tablet offer.

  • Stacey Clarkson

    I just went through Chat with them and ordered the 128GB iPad Air for $569 minus my Fido dollars. I didn’t take a tablet plan as I don’t need one, my phone is 10GB’s.