Fido Launches $40/4GB Plan to Target Public Mobile’s $38/4GB Promo [u]


How do you know when your promo plan is making waves? When your competitors start matching your plan too, which is what we saw Virgin Mobile do yesterday, as they released a $40/4GB plan to combat Telus-owned Public Mobile’s $38/4GB promotion.

Now, Fido has jumped on board, copying Virgin Mobile, in an effort to stop customers from leaving to Telus-owned Public Mobile, only for those in B.C. and Alberta.

Fido has launched a new $40/4GB BYOD plan, which offers unlimited province-wide calling, unlimited international SMS/MMS, along with the usual extras caller ID, mini voicemail, call waiting and Circle Calling. Data overages are charged at $5/100MB.

Fido 4gb

Image via RFD user Thatdealguy

This plan does not include Fido Roam or free Spotify for six months (but if you had it previously you will retain Spotify).

For $12 extra, customers can add on unlimited Canada-wide calling, which makes the plan $52 for 4GB of data. Otherwise long distance in Canada is charged at $0.55 per minute.

Update: Fido has added 1000 International calling minutes to this plan as well. Expect long line ups if you’re going to switch in-store. You will be better off calling, talking to online customer chat on Fido’s website, or hitting them up on Twitter.

If you want to jump on this plan, you need to call/chat with Fido and ask for it (mention Public Mobile or Virgin’s deal). According to RFD, users are noting this is indeed for existing customers and not new activations, but one user claims it’s open to everybody.

This offer lasts until November 21, 2016, the same expiry date Virgin Mobile has set for their promo.

Both of these offers don’t compare with Public Mobile’s offer, though. Public Mobile has a loyalty perk, where users save $1/month after being with the company for a year, and discounts keep going up annually until it maxes out at $5/month off in year five. So essentially the $38/4GB plan will become $33/4GB (not counting any $1/month off credits from referrals).

This is one of the best plans we’ve seen in a while, and all unlocked iPhone users should get this if it fits their needs.

Public Mobile announced this morning they are opening up SIM card sales and pick up at specific Telus tower locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, for last minute users looking to jump on their promo, which expires on November 20th.

Click here to follow our tutorial on how to make the switch with your iPhone.


  • Corey Beazer

    very curious why they aren’t doing it nationwide instead of just B.C. and ALB. The Public Mobile one is nationwide. I hope a lot of people in Ontario are jumping on this and it causes a stir among the Big 3.

  • KonstantinRD

    I’m on Loyalty $50 plan with 3GB and Canada wide also includes Spotify for free ($10/month value). I use Spotify and used to pay for it previously. For me it would become $40 plus $12 = 52$ for 4GB Canada Wide plus another $10 to pay to Spotify so $62 for 4GB vs $50 for 3GB which i’m happy with and never go over. Though might be a good idea to switch since probably newer phones will have more data demand.

  • KonstantinRD

    I feel like this a direct response to Virgin Mobile offerings that are targeting Ab and BC

  • Telus is strong out west, this is a way for Rogers and Bell to soak up some of their customers.

  • WindGuy

    What about Wind? Did they release a promo to match or beat PM/Virgin/Fido?

  • tomm

    Gary, would this $40+$12 = $52/month plan include visual voice mail? thanks

  • iHeartYEG

    Thanks for the information Gary! Just switched to the plan. Although, they said the plan would start from the next billing cycle only. And since my current billing cycle started just last week, I’ll have to wait a month for the extra GB!

  • iHeartYEG

    Nope, it doesn’t.

  • tomm

    so that would be another $5 or $10 and all of a sudden it’s not that much better than my unlimited Canada $50 plan with 2 gb data and vvm,

  • Joe

    Pretty sure you can add visual voicemail for an extra $5 value pack. $57/month is still pretty good if you really need that feature.

  • iHeartYEG

    It’s better by a couple of GBs 😉

  • tomm

    the other way to look at it is if I go over my 2 gb, it costs my $10/gb overage, it has happened to me twice in several years, so I may be further ahead by sticking with my current plan if I don’t need much more than those 2 gb. On the other hand I am sure I’d use it if I have it.

  • Same happened to me. Next billing cycle. He also tossed in some value pack for one month as a free trial.

  • Oh, hey, there we go. I’m going to try for this as I missed out on Public Mobile’s offer, since I waited too long to order my SIM card. We’ll see if they offer it to an existing customer.

  • Existing customers only, as I understand it.

  • Ah, yes. So it says. I read that backwards. 😛

  • coolspot

    This plan may have come a little too late? I bet thousands signed up for the Public Mobile plan.

  • I know at least a few people who did.

  • iHeartYEG

    Lucky you! I was patronized for being offered the plan.

  • iHeartYEG

    Do you use LD Canada-wide often? If not, you can skip the $12/month pack and pay $0.55/minute whenever you do have to call LD.

  • It’s Me

    Go with PM, pay less for the long distance and it rolls over if you don’t use the 400 minutes (with fido you pay $12 each and every months). If you don’t use 4gb with fido, the extra is lost. PM data rolls over within the 3 months, so more flexible. PM get cheaper each year too and referrals make it even cheaper. Roaming is supposed to be cheaper with PM as well.

  • It’s Me

    Exactly. This is not Fido matching Public. It’s fido matching Virgin. And virgins plan was lesser than Publics to begin with.

  • It’s Me

    $.55/minute? Holy crap. Left nut too?

  • iHeartYEG

    Lol Apple enjoys precedence over that!

  • Olley

    Just called and switched to this without a problem. Thanks Garry!

  • iverge

    As usual Fido is always last out of the gate. Lot’s of people have already jumped ship!

  • Tv

    There will be SIM sales in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver tomorrow and Saturday, if that helps you.

  • Cheers!

  • Not anytime soon, wait for their LTE offerings, if and when it actually comes

  • Nice work Olley!

  • Gary Croxford

    Hmm – just got denied in Ontario as a current customer. I said I’d definitely go to Public Mobile, they still didn’t budge. Ah well.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Why do you say matching? There’s a 2$ difference

  • Thanks!
    I switched just now. At first the girl didn’t know what I was talking about, but after a brief hold she applied the plan to my account.

    Better yet, the 2GB promo from 2 months prior is still on my account until September 21 of 2017. So I’ll have 6GB for 10 months for $40 woohoo!

    The girl through it would be removed, but informed me afterwords that it carried over.

  • Gab

    I just called and the said i’ll loose my spotify access

  • I would totally go Public as you said as I agree with you, the only thing holding me back is the poor Telus/Bell and affiliates reception in my area is so poor, especially indoors.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Anyone tried to get Rogers to match this Fido plan??

  • Phil

    Is it only for existing customers or a new one can port his number and get this deal?

  • Phil

    So they won’t offer it to new customers?

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Gary, I signed up with Public Mobile for the promo and gave your number as reference. Question: I didn’t see plan option for 90 days rather it said 30/60/90 day Pass. I am assuming it’s the same thing and I choose the right options. Total came out to $120 + Tax = $135. Can u confirm I ticked the correct promo Attaching a screenshot of the confirmation email I got from Public Mobile.

  • Looks right to me, check your plan details to ensure it shows 12gb. Email me if you need more help.

  • KBlazer07

    For ON, there’s a 4GB $49.50 plan, Canada wide with Spotify plus 1000 international minutes. Not sure if you get additional 10% off with multi plans.

  • iHeartYEG

    Hey Gary I think there’s an update to this plan. For those who are signing up for this plan today, Fido is throwing in 1000 International minutes.

  • Olley

    Saw that on my statement this morning. I thought it was a mistake but I guess Fido’s going all out on this one. For some reason I get to keep my original 2gigs of data on top of 4 gigs, and the lady promised that my Spotify (about 12 mo remaining) will be honoured. This is a good day.

  • Babbitt

    Hey Gary, thanks for letting us know. I just switched to it. 3 weeks ago I switched from 500mb to the 1GB $40 plan. Wow, in 3 weeks, from 500mb to 4GB! All for the same price.

  • iHeartYEG

    Gotta say Fido has earned good will from its customers.

  • Boom!

  • Alex Mills

    They would not match it here in Ontario. They said Fido might be able to do something and passed me to them. Fido as well said they couldn’t do anything. This was 2 days ago. The next day, Fido announced the new discounted plans in AB and BC. So maybe they don’t like us in ON. :/

  • Shappe

    I just called and they say I do not qualify for plan. They just told me I am not on the list.
    I wonder why.

  • iHeartYEG

    How long have you been with Fido?

  • Mithuna Perera

    There is no list, and everyone can qualify as long as you are not in a contract with Fido already. So bascially this is for customers who are BYOP customers at Fido.

  • Galuple

    They said that since I’m still on a contract, I can’t switch. A bit of a shame, seeing as I’ve been with them since 2007…

  • Babbitt

    I also got the 1000 international minutes.

  • nosmas

    sweet deal! Fido Quebec please do something on black friday! it will be nice if we see $40/4GB and unlimited CANADA wide call. The $58.5/8GB + unlimited calls is pretty nice but 8GB is too much.

  • bowreality

    I also got the 1000 minutes. Countries are Australia, Bangladesh, China (incl. Taiwan & HK), UK, Italy, Mexico, Germany and India.

  • Kev

    I dropped 2 Fido $56/2GB legacy plans for PM. Just keeping the $15/3GB data only for my mobile hotspot which gives my devices coverage as well in weaker Telus areas

  • Olley

    never heard of anyone complaining having too much data…

  • Mithuna Perera

    about a year and a half. But I dont do contracts so I bring my own phone,

  • Nice. Yeah I dropped that old $56/2GB plan too, from years ago.

  • Amir

    I just called Fido, and they said there is no such promotion!

  • Call back and talk to another person or chat online instead.

  • Shappe

    Oh. I am a BYOP customer. Thanks

  • Chris White

    I am with Virgin and tried to get this plan but they said only new customers only. And I talked to all the powers at bay. And they did no. Even with me being a 9yr cust with 5 lines. So we will switch to fido on Sat. Crappy virgin. I liked u.

  • Chris White

    As per virgin I tried and it’s for NEW cust only

  • chikaraginger

    Man… I was JUST going to jump aboard the Public Mobile train… but this FIDO deal is just TOO attractive… as long as I keep the Spotify on my plan… are you sure about that part, @iphoneincanada:disqus

  • Call Fido and get them to confirm!

  • Pixolator

    I have a 6gb grandfathered data plan, but I can’t carry that over to this plan, has anyone able to bring theirs? I have to downgrade from 6gb plan to 4gb, that’s a bit sad 🙁

  • Babar Lodhi

    I just called them and they said we existing customers just have to buyout their contract to move to this new offer… there is no restriction… You better visit any fido center.. you can get this plan from them too if calling fido not working.

  • Babar Lodhi

    I just called them and they said we existing customers just have to buyout contract to move to this new offer… there is no restriction… You better visit any fido center.. you can get this plan from them too if calling fido not working.

  • Babar Lodhi

    I just called them and they said we existing customers just have to buyout their contract to move to this new offer… there is no restriction… You better visit any fido center.. you can get this plan from them too if calling fido not working.

  • Donk

    The plan literally says in the name bring your own device. Of course you have to pay off the rest of the money you owe on your device before switching to a plan like that.

  • P

    It’s available to new customers as well. I switched from Telus.

  • iHeartYEG

    Just so you know, Fido promo is for existing/old customers only.

  • Dan B

    No its not, stop giving people false information u turd.

  • Philippe M

    Yes, I got it yesterday too

  • chikaraginger

    NOPE. No Spotify. Such is life. I switched… to this plan. I know the PM deal is technically better… especially over time…. which I think is really attractive, btw… as it actually REWARDS you for staying with them! Making it harder to leave. Very customer friendly.

  • chikaraginger

    Friends don’t let friends get contracts. Contracts are one-way forced loyalty…

  • JC Kacy

    Hello people, I want to know will I be charged if I get an incoming call from outside the province with this plan? Thanks.

  • JC Kacy


  • I believe if you’re outside of your home province and receive an incoming call, you will be charged long distance.

  • iHeartYEG

    It is. Read the latest post from iPhoneInCanada. After you’ve read that, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I’m the turd”.

  • Dan B

    Can someone tell this fool that it’s for all customers. Here, let me tell you that FIDO’s plan is for ALL customers as I just activated a line , porting from Rogers. Fools these days man , giving people false information.

  • rthor

    Missed the PM deal unfortunately but just got the Fido 4gb deal today and dropped two phones off Rogers. This is a pretty major upgrade from Rogers 60$ for unlimited with only 500mb of data. It’s like 2013 now in Canada compared to the rest of the world…almost there.

  • Oaiwen

    just wondering.. this 1000 international minutes
    means we get 1000 min every month for international call?
    or just those 1000 until you used it all and that’s it :/ ?

  • iHeartYEG

    Thank Gary! Appreciate it. So I guess I’m safe if I remain within the province.

  • JC Kacy

    You’re rude Dan. An ignorant person is better than a rude know-it-all! I’m with you @iHeartYEG.

    Just so you know, I ported from Telus to Fido last night and I was told today that I cannot opt for that plan. I can select from “any plans advertised on their website”. The person who ported me to Fido yesterday at the mall had assured me, like you, that I’ll get the $40/4GB plan.

    Maybe you were able to get it because Rogers = Fido?

  • Alan Cheung

    When I switched to this plan, the CSR asked me if I wanted to start today and be pro rated or start next billing period, I chose to start today.

  • JC Kacy

    Thank you for replying @iphoneincanada:disqus. And yes @iHeartYEG I think that’s what he means.

  • Jam

    Is the virgin mobile 40$ plan still available until tomorrow?? Thanks guys

  • JC Kacy

    Yes it is available till end of day tomorrow.

  • Dan B

    Call me rude for saying being 100 % truthful. If you didn’t get this plan, you must have dropped the ball somewhere because the lineups at each Fido store was ridiculous and I can assure you most of them were new customers. But I mean I could care less if you got the plan or not! I got mine so byee Felicia

  • iHeartYEG

    We get 1000 international minutes every month (just like 4GB data, which gets renewed afresh every billing cycle)

  • Si2k78

    I wouldn’t touch Wind with a 10 foot pole. No offence.

  • Mrgg

    Wondering how many minutes the plan includes if there is the limit weekdays 7am to 5pm. Or if its totally unlimited. Can’t find any info on Fido. Thanks

  • Oaiwen

    ohohoh that’s unexpected but nice !
    thank you for the answer
    my sales was tooooooo busy and wasn’t feeling like to talk at all
    so other than 4GB I am not sure about the plan exactly 😛

  • JaysForDays

    It says unlimited province wide

  • Mrgg

    Thank you 🙂

  • Terence Pang

    So USA is not included?

  • Marine

    I’ve been waiting for 2 hrs on both fido live chat and phone line……no response yet

  • whoa…sounds like they’re slammed. any small Fido dealers in your area?

  • How much are you paying per month?

  • Michelle Kearns

    Myself, sister and husband switched from bell and Virgin yesterday, so it is available for new customers and people switching companies, just to give you more accurate info. Wasn’t a problem for any of us.

  • Calvin

    I am a new customer and I got this plan, stop being a turd idiot.

  • someone

    The 1000mins is a one time usage promotion. It doesn’t get renewed every month. That’s what I was told.

  • donny

    I also downgraded from my 6GB plan. i was only using 2gb per month, so it made sense. it was still super hard to let it go tho.

  • keulniss

    i have the same as pixolator, i have 6gb/month (and for the next 12 months i get an extra 2gb/month for a total of 8gb/month), i have canada wide calling as well. But my plan is $78/month + taxes. Not sure if it’s worth it for me (or “was” worth it for me).

  • Tliu

    I had been with Fido for almost 10 years. This company has no retention program.They kept telling me that my plan was grandfathered and it was very good that I would regret if switching. Well you are wrong Fido. You are losing loyal customers like me. I now switched to PM and I don’t regret.

  • Greg Rauscher

    Stay where you are!!!!! Public Mobile does NOT have any customer service. I had a tech question as I was not allowed to move my PH # out of Koodo. You cannot speak to anyone as they are by e-mail only and then they say they will get back to you withing 48 hrs. If you have trouble logging into your acct which many have had, then there is no other way than to send them an e-mail as their automated reset info is not reliable…I never got a reset e-mail!!! Shitty assed deal!!! I want a REFUND!!!!

  • YoGoerz

    I tried Rogers before I left and they told me they had nothing to offer.

  • Alex Mills

    BUYER BEWARE: If you all think that Public Mobile is an option because of the low price then you should know that there is always a catch. So when comparing FIDO to PM, be aware and knowledgeable before you decide. What you don’t get with PM is customer service. I am presently in purgatory since the PM sign up from Nov 20th due to lack of customer service/support. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Here is yet another ‘customer is always right’ rant that we hear all the time about customer service”. However there is a disaster happening at Public Mobile.

    Here is what you get at the present moment at Public Mobile:
    * There is NO Phone Customer service…only emails
    * There is NO response whatsoever from Customer service…ZERO
    * There is NO order or que or statuses of any kind
    * There is a random order to who they help
    * They have about 7 people who are mods for all of Canada to service all your phones
    * They suggest you use the Community forums who are filled with you and i’s
    * Your credit card will go through promptly on day 1

    I have now resorted to using my Rogers service to give me service while I wait for their Customer Service to give me a resolution let alone a single acknowledgement.

    IF you think this is yet another guy doing the whole “customer ranting” thing, please follow this public link to their “Community” forum and see for yourself. Everyone there sounds exactly like me. Here’s the link:

    Again, Buyer beware. Oh, but you’ll get $40/month for 4Gb once everything gets going and cross your fingers you’ll never need to reach out to them again.

  • Heretic

    Hey, just got my Public Mobile sim card today. Before I sign up on their VERY good plan of unlimited with 2 gigs of data @ $40 a month, what is the likelihood of that 4 gig data plan being offered before xmas? I already have service with bell and can wait a bit longer before making the switch.. but just don’t want to wait for nothing. So… any one know of anything possible coming soon from PM?

  • Hard to say if another promo will pop up so quickly again, but do note the $38/4GB plan was available to existing customers too. So knowing that, if a new promo comes, you’ll be able to switch over to it most likely.

  • murt

    zoomer wireless has a very similar retention/loyalty plan – I’ve signed up for it and afaik it’s available now.

    It’s: $45/month, unlimited canada wide minutes, unlimited canada wide texts, free unlimited international texts if sent from canada, 4GB data, enhanced voicemail.

    Actually I think it might be better than the plans in this post if you talk canada wide.

    You have to have been with zoomer wireless longer than 6 months.