Fido Promo: $55, $60 Unlimited Canada-Wide Plans with 3GB [Quebec Only]


Alrighty, the Fido promos continue to roll out today, with the latest changes coming for customers in Quebec. New $55 and $65 per month unlimited Canada-wide plans have launched for the province with 3GB of data.

The plan is $55 per month under the Standard Plan (but if you bring your own device you get 10% off, making it $49.50):

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For those looking for two year subsidies, the same plan is available for $60 per month under Smart Plans:

Screenshot 2013 11 05 14 33 05 3

These offers are aimed directly at Videotron’s unlimited $59.95 per month plan, which includes Canada-wide calling and 1GB of data. The same plan with 6GB of data is $79.95 per month.

Screenshot 2013 11 05 14 45 31

As of writing, Virgin Mobile and Koodo have not updated their websites to match these Fido plans, yet.

If you’re a Fido customer in Quebec, definitely call in and get your extra data or jump to these new plans.


  • hoho

    But I thought smart plan is not iPhone eligible?

  • Whoops, you’re right. Corrected. iPhones require Max plans on two years.

  • reformcanada

    I’ve got a ‘grandfathered’ plan from Telus that is about to expire and apparently I have a right to keep it even after my contract expires and pay month to month:
    It is $57 dollars/month
    350 Anytime Minutes
    Unlimited Evenings & Weekends (starting at 5)
    Unlimited Messages
    50 Long Distance Minutes (within Canada)
    6GB Data
    Caller ID
    Visual Voicemail

    I still have an unlocked 4S which I purchased on contract and got unlocked for $30 from Telus. BUT now because iPhone plans require what appears to be a minimum of $70/month with barely any data, I’ll likely sell my current iPhone and buy a new iPhone at the no contract price as that is the only way I can keep my plan. I’ll likely need to do that going forward as I can see the only way these plan prices are going is up.

  • fuck you

    funny for $60 dollars including tax i get more then that i get

    unlimited Canada wide min
    unlimited text picture and video msg Canada wide
    2gb data
    voice mail
    call display

    its very cheap to what a lot pay on the new contracts and month to month bills in Canada now this is only 8 month old plan so its not bad and will keep it for awhile this plan use to be $40 dollars but the $20 dollars credit i had expired in Nov 8 so now its $60 witch still not bad for a 8 month old plan on rogers

  • SkAshe

    I’m with the old 55$ plan from Videotron with everything unlimited with 6gb. I’m waiting for Virgin to match this offer since they have a better coverage and way better usa roaming rates (The T-Mobile coverage where I go is edge and man that’s so sloooooow). 49.50$ is pretty cheap. 😛

  • HKZ

    Gary, what’s the difference between a standard plan, a smart plan and a max plan?

  • Max plans meet the minimum monthly rate for iPhone subsidies on 2 year terms. The others are for more basic or mid end phones.

  • HKZ

    So, I guess if I am bringing my own iphone, I could hop on to a standard or a smart plan. Thanks for the explanation.

  • Yep. You’ll also get 10% off for bringing your own device (BYOD). If you add a second line to your account and they bring their own phone, they get 10% off, plus a stackable 10% for BYOD.

  • HKZ

    The Rogers corporate plans in Québec seems to still be 3 years (compared to the 2 year plan for non-corp). It appears that some of these plans offer 350 anytime mins, 3Gb data, free nights/weekends, vm, etc. The iphones go for the usual $219, $319 and $419 plus taxes, but there may be a credit for 6 months that aggregates $120 and the monthly fees are around $42 plus taxes. Is that what corporate plans look like around the country?

  • HKZ

    Is there something similar to that with Rogers?