Fido to Honour 5GB Extra Data Added to $60/10GB Plans for Current Billing Cycle


Some Fido users recently noticed their promo $60/10GB plans were showing upwards of 15GB of data. Many users were wondering whether this was a permanent or temporary addition, and now we have a definitive answer for you.

A Fido spokesperson told iPhone in Canada the 5GB data add-on was caused by a “temporary technical issue”, which affected “some Fido customers” on the $60/10GB plan.

If you’re one of these lucky ones, the company says you will get to keep the bonus data, for your current billing cycle. The Fido spokesperson told us via email “we’re happy to honour this billing cycle for affected customers,” adding “They are still on the 10GB plan and moving forward will see 10GB as their data allotment.”

So there you have it. If you’re seeing 5GB of extra data on your Fido account that has the $60/10GB plan, you get to keep it for free for this billing cycle. This extra 5GB data, along with Fido’s Data Bytes feature—which offers 5 hours of free data per month—means you’re going to have a happy month to stream video to your heart’s content, to a certain degree.


  • John

    “we’re happy to honour this billing cycle for affected customers,” give me a break.
    Seriously Fido, would it kill you to honour the extra data for loyal customers?

  • FragilityG4

    Why? They never advertised it as 15. They made a mistake and have honoured it.

  • Olley

    free is free but who uses that much data per month, really? most I ever used was just over 2.2gigs.

  • Victor Creed

    You’re conditioned for small plans. Free yourself and see how fast it goes. I regularly use 10 GB’s and I’m not a power user by any means

  • Lou

    I was with Fido for 14 years andI called early that day and it was 5gig + 5gig for 24months only. So i went to the mall and i switched to Rogers they gave me 10gig permanent and 5gig bonus for 24 months. I called and confirmed it with a text message they sent me

  • Dany Quirion

    Its the same company lol

  • Dany Quirion

    I get around 7Gb every month.

  • Tony T

    I can easily use a gb a day or more lmao

  • Jean-Phillippe Choquette
  • Olley

    but you’re on 3g…?

  • Anaron

    Is that a screenshot you made? If so, then you might wanna remove it because it clearly shows a mobile number.

  • Jean-Phillippe Choquette


  • Jean-Phillippe Choquette

    Technically 3.5G, 30 mbs download and 5 mbs upload at full connection!

  • Bibi

    Good lord ur Petty and ungrateful. the plan was available for everyone bro

  • Cristhian Mejia

    I was surprised when I saw it but it had to be an error. LOL still 10GB is pretty good.

  • Min

    The 5gb for 24months became permanent, just saying.

  • Jenn Owusu Ansah

    I just messaged them yesterday about that because it shows I have 15gb instead of 10 gb and they said nothing about honoiring it just that it was a mistake and I only have 10gb.

  • Iabal

    Fido does not honour their loyal customers I was trying to call in for days and could not get through eventually when I got through they can’t offer me that plan so I switched all three of my lines.
    Who to blame but themselves who got 3 hrs to be placed on hold only to be told we can’t take ur call at this time.

  • Tim

    Granted I hop on wifi when available, but either don’t have a job with wifi readily available or you are unemployed. I stay under 3gb with little effort because the only time I need cellular data is in transit. Even my local pub has wifi.

  • Mego

    Anyone having problem with login into the Fido app with the message that (you are rogers customer) ??

  • El Cockblock

    *Whispering* Shhhhh! Don’t tell them… The sense of getting back at a big corp is a big deal for some…

  • Eugene Bakumen

    Guess what , today my FidoApp shows 19 Gb for my 60$ 10gig plan . No idea whats going on .

  • Travis Pinky Mcdowell
  • Eric

    I still have 15gb.. is that normal?

  • Tony

    I got the 5GB extra so in total 15GB for February too… can anyone tell me if this is permanent cause I though it was only for one month. My second line also kept their 5GB

  • Brandon Persaud