Fido Home Phone Now Includes Call Waiting, Call Forwarding for $10/month

For existing Fido Home Phone users, the company has updated its $10/month plan to include call waiting, call forwarding and conference calling, which previously was a $2/month add-on.

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Rogers and Fido launched their wireless home phone service last July. Customers must purchase a Wireless Home Phone unit, which their existing phone line plugs into. Features include unlimited Canada-wide minutes, call display and voicemail and no term. The unit has as SIM-card inside so as long as it has AC power and you’re within Rogers/Fido coverage, you’ll have a phone line to use.

The $10/month plan is for existing Rogers and Fido customers only. You should call in today and switch to the updated plan which now includes call waiting/forwarding and conference calling. It’ll save you an extra $24/year by doing so!

According to the fine print: Offer ends August 7, 2014 (in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Atlantic Canada), subject to change without notice.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!

[via RFD]

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  • Chrome262

    uggg, so I have to call them, why can’t be automatic?

  • Chrome262

    ok, I actually used live chat and they change it for me right away. Not that I use call forwarding, but the call waiting is nice. Cheapest home phone around. And I can take it with me in my extra cell phone. I actually used it one time to give it to a visiting friend, while he was here.

  • Nice! Yeah it sounds like decent deal for existing customers if you talk a lot.

  • Chrome262

    Truth is, I keep my home phone for my parents, and in laws. Or other relatives, its still cheaper on long distance (States and Europe), and it gives me a number I can use on websites and not have worry to much about spam phone calls eating up my minutes. Its really like an extra cell number for 10 bucks with unlimited minutes. I was temped years ago to get rid of it, but wife has a sentimental attachment to the number. This made it easier to keep it, and not have to pay 5 times the cost.