Fido iPhone 5s Pricing Requires 2 Year Max Plans, Upgrades Only at Launch


Fido has revealed their two year contract iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s pricing and it’s similar to Rogers but $0.01 more. The prices noted in an internal memo also reveal Max Plans are also required to get the fully subsidized price:

  • iPhone 5c 16GB (Promotional price on a 2YR Max Plan – $130.00)
  • iPhone 5c 32GB (Promotional price on a 2YR Max Plan – $230.00)

The memo also says “existing customers will also be able to upgrade to the following new iPhone devices at launch”:

  • iPhone 5s 16GB (Promotional price on a 2YR Max Plan – $230.00)
  • iPhone 5s 32GB (Promotional price on a 2YR Max Plan – $330.00)
  • iPhone 5s 64GB (Promotional price on a 2YR Max Plan – $440.00)

This is where there might be confusion as the memo reads “Note that the 5s is not eligible for subsidy on new activations.” This leads us to believe Fido might be allowing existing customers to upgrade first to the iPhone 5s due to limited global supply, while new customers will have to pay full unsubsidized pricing.

Screen Shot 2013 09 13 at 9 13 28 AM

As you can see below, Fido Max Plans include Canada-wide calling and extras, but only have 500MB and 1GB data plans for $75 and $85 per month.
Screen Shot 2013 09 13 at 8 55 14 AM

The memo also notes customers will be called for device pick up on September 19 and units cannot be released until the September 20 iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s launch date.


  • wah_gee

    Data is certainly the cash cow now. 🙁

  • Sidney

    No, thanks.

  • dieselboy28

    Does anyone else look at these data buckets and then look at the prices and vomit? WTF, 500mb – 1GB for a smartphone? Are they high?

  • It’s either buy an unlocked iPhone and pay up front OR get a subsidy and pay an expensive monthly plan.

    Unlocked iPhone 5s 16GB $719 + any plan over two years (10% off for BYOD)


    16GB Fido iPhone 5s $229 + $15 connection fee + $50 to unlock + $75/85 Max Plan over two years.

    Someone do the math for me, BRB!

  • Chrome262

    no kidding, I go over 1 gig every month, 85.00???? this is awful

  • I wholeheartedly agree, 500 MB on an iPhone is downright laughable. As I have said before, data buckets that small on phones that use much more is a recipe for overage fees – which of course the incumbents just love don’t they?

  • Chrome262

    294 base on contract, with 75 dollar play thats 2094 with 85 plan is 2334.

    our right price is:
    719 base (not including taxes, I think thats 812.47 in Ontario) + 1620 for the 75 plan total of 2339 without tax
    85 plan is 1836 with discount + 719 = 2555 without tax

    16gig 5s

  • pissed by fido

    I uses the flex data plan and have only 100MB. Seriously.

  • Chrome262

    so yes you save money on contract. but you are on contract, and you have to make sure the unlock actually works, they do fuck up these things.

  • Chrome262

    Wait, so you can’t take the 65 bucks a month plan with 1gb of data? that sucks

  • Chrome262

    Crap, wait, sorry. If you buy out right, you can go with a cheaper plan, the 65 dollar one that gives you the same as the 85 (well close to, I am not sure about voicemail) so thats 2279 if you buy out right. Do you get a 10% discount on the 65 dollar plan?

  • Erik Kappel

    I have to say, it is extremely frustrating to have accumulated fido dollars, and not be able to purchase an iPhone while keeping my Smart plan. Koodo has different pricing for different plans, why the hell can’t Fido do this? I’ll pay a higher initial price if it means not being put on a god aweful data-less expensive plan. You can smell the Rogers influence all over this.

  • Bored

    I agree so much with you!!!!!

  • I called last week and was told that my $67 Max Plan would be eligible for upgrading to the new iPhone (of course it wasn’t confirmed what the new phones would be back then). I’m hoping they’ll honour that conversation and still let me do this. I might have to call back to clarify.

  • hub2

    Don’t buy subsidy-free from any carrier, only direct from Apple. Unbelievably, subsidy-free iPhones from carriers are still locked to that carrier, so you’d waste another $30-75 to unlock them.

  • Kenny Dang

    Well for fido it is worth to buy sub-free from the carrier if you have a lot of fido dollar’s. I know poeple who have up to $900 fido dollars and can get the a new phone without having to pay anything except the unlock price.

  • Chrome262

    yeah by Feb I will have 500, or more, so when my contract is up, even if I move to Wind, I will use it to buy a new phone.

  • rrosales

    Is this the Big 3’s way of punishing their subscribers for siding with the government to bring in foreign competition? smh

  • Fido Dave

    Max Plans “+ lots of data”, my you know what
    So even if you have a plan where you are paying north of $50 – $60 a month you don’t qualify for a subsidy when you renew your contract unless you take one of the Max Plans? Really?

  • Fido Dave

    They’ve been doing this for a while now. Time for the CRTC to add further regulations (i.e. like the max 2 year contracts), carriers shouldn’t be allowed to slave phones to their networks, if someone is getting a phone on contract with a subsidy, they are required to complete the contract or buyout their contract buy repaying the subsidy. Carrier lock only helps them keep their lucrative roaming revenue stream and prevents consumers from using a foreign carrier when travelling in that country.

  • Eric

    They told me I would have to buy out my contract to get one with this plan.

  • Are you currently on the $67 Max Plan? I was also told I’d have to pay an early upgrade fee, but that I should be able to stick with my current contract.

  • rrosales

    Wait! These Max Plans/iPhone 5S combo must be for new subscribers only. I read in a couple of other forums that your total voice and data plans must be $60 (before add-ons, credits & taxes) to get the iPhone 5S. So, that means if you are renewing a contract, you can possibly get a $35 Standard Voice Plan, a $25/2GB Data Plan (or the $30/30GB Data Plan) with an iPhone 5S.

  • puffy03

    anyone know if Best buy will sell the iPhone5S unlocked. With Fido’s crappy max plans, I’d rather buy an unlocked phone and keep my $50 Quebec plan.

  • Vancity

    This is from the fido website regarding the iPhone 5s:

    Offer details

    If you are eligible to renew your Fido Agreement, your new Tab24 agreement will begin immediately and shall include the number of days left in your current Fido Agreement plus the number of months you have selected for your new Tab24 agreement. Price shown available with 2-year Tab24 agreement on one of the following: (i) any in-market Max plan, (ii) any previously-offered Max plan with a monthly service fee of at least $60 per month, or (iii) any combination of a voice plan and an eligible Data Add-on (e.g. $10/100 MB and $25/2GB Add-ons excluded), both offered prior to August 8, 2012 and having a combined monthly service fee of at least $60 per month. Device savings recovery fees and/or service deactivation fee apply, see below for details. Taxes extra.

    This means as long as it’s $60 a month, you should be fine. No need for the ridiculous max plans!

  • Anthony

    I just called and had to change my plan. I’m getting 300min canada wide weekdays before 5 and free evening and weekends. Unlimited text,video and pic. Caller Id, voice, visual voice, 2500 call forwarding and who called and 6 gigs data for $61 month

  • Carrier dealers only sell locked phones.

  • Anthony

    Also it’s really weird I bought the 5 on launch day and they quoted me $33 to buy out afew days ago. Today when I called back they said yup that’s right. I didn’t want to push to much but I was expecting $400-$500 like previous years. Anyone else have anything similar

  • puffy03

    so only Apple sells it unlocked then right?

  • Apple sells unlocked if you pay full retail price. But they also are dealers for the Big 3 to sell locked phones on contract.

  • Canucks

    I just called them and checked the web sites as well. This is good for both Fido and Rogers.

    If you currently have a voice and data plan that is $60 or more, then you can keep your current plan and upgrade as usual for 2 years.

    If your plan is under $60, you are require to have a NEW price plan that is $70 or more in order to upgrade.

    So if you are like me that is using a $30 voice plan with a $30 6GB data pack then you are all good. Enjoy. 🙂

  • Brandon

    Guys, I got the 6GB data promo package around February 2012. I hope you guys have it too, 500mb, 1GB or even 2GB is bloody low for today’s 2013 standard…

  • Brandon

    P.S. my 6GB data promo costs me only $30/month as well.

  • Mikhaël Bois

    God, my plan is 57$ + taxes…
    I hope I’ll find something to cover the 3 bucks difference !

  • david

    so here we are once again.. being screwed by the big 3.
    2 year contract with 500MB~1GB data plan for how much?????
    and the phones are $50 more than what they offer down in the states WITH cheaper and better plans…what a joke….

  • dgsuzuki

    don’t forget to read the fine print on Data Overages (where they really are screwing people these days). $10/250 megs for the $75 plan.. that means $40 PER GIG over (and how could you NOT go over with only 500 megs). The $85 plan is $20 / gig overage. Make sure when you get yours plans you get them to confirm the overage charges if you don’t have 6gigs.

  • Chad604

    I got the 56 dollar plan 2 gb data , Canada wide calling , visual voice mail no limit international text/picture/video msg call display name display … I called fido today and customer service told me If I add on 4 more I would be able to get an iphone 5s.. So I did that and made her to make a not in my account so there is no confusion on Friday …

  • bryandale

    Fido will let you upgrade on an existing plan. I have confirmed that they will also let you buy without a contract and use your Fidodollars. Now here’s my problem. I reserved a phone last weekend and it was delivered today to a a Fido dealer (Future Wireless in Bridlewood Mall, Toronto) and when I went to pick it up they refused to sell it to me without a contract. They said I should re-order and have it delivered to a a Corporate store. Fido told me the same thing, but when I went to reserve a new phone I couldn’t because the system shows I already have one. Another call to customer service and they’re refusing to do anything. They tell me to try again in three weeks after my cancellation gets through their system. So now I’m taking to the Internet with my story.

  • Sorry not sorry , Fido sucks

    I pay $67 dollars per month and I havent called fido yet If I am eligible to iphone 5s becuase that $67 dollars is just a combination of bbm which costs 30 dollars and the data plan which costs 37 dollars , If I am right, I am sure its above 60 dollars , but theres one thing that I am not really sure about, the “bbm add on” , bbm is not even eligible for the iphone 5s and I wanna know how these thing will work . Does that mean my plan needs to be a crazy 75plan , really?! I just want to stay in 67 dollars , but I am afraid because of the bbm will not be eligible .

  • bamer

    I don’t get why you have to get a higher priced plan with iphones.

  • bamer

    The GS4 cost more than an iphone 5c yet you are able to get it on a smart or standard plan but with an iphone you have to get max plan which starts at $80.